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2 ways SEO can help businesses unlock secrets of winning web design

What’s the utility of search engine optimization?

Well, ask this question from ten online business owners and nine will respond to you by detailing the benefits of SEO services for marketing. Well, to be honest, they are more or less right in their response. Search engine optimization is primarily a marketing technique that is aimed to increase the visibility and reputation of online businesses. However, one thing that most of the businesses often tend to neglect is the utility of search engine optimization towards the web designing and development aspect.

To put it simply, SEO isn’t just another marketing strategy that is intended for advertisement purpose only, rather it is a complete suite of tools and tricks that are meant to deliver online businesses with an overall business recognition and market presence. In fact, the essence of search engine optimization lies in its ability to transform businesses into a brand – the ultimate objective of any marketing strategy.

Now, the process of search engine optimization starts working from a very initial level of web design and development. In fact, most industry experts recommend hiring web design agencies with a thorough background knowledge of SEO. This is because an effective web design forms the backbone for any successful marketing strategy.

Below, we will be looking at some gains of SEO at initial web design phase:

User-Experience  :

Today, online industry is already an over-saturated industry bustling with hundreds and thousands of businesses competing for each other for dominance. This has given rise to something that experts refer to as the “paradox of abundance”. According to it, the sheer abundance of choices customers are presented within online industry, has made it harder for businesses to attract customers. It means, that now websites have to offer exceptional value and seamless user-experience to customers, to be able to persuade them to make a purchase.

Now, SEO guidelines include all the requisite details for web designs to attract and retain visitors to their business websites. For instance, if you are to offer web design services in Auckland and Christchurch, there are the complete suite of rules that will help you to design your website suited for the local audience (something that we call local SEO). Thereby, SEO primarily helps businesses to deliver better user-experience based on the business model and target audience.

Faster Loading Time:

Again, the abundance of choices means customers are spoilt for choices and demand higher service standards at each and every level of their online shopping experience. An important aspect in this regard is the loading time. According to statistics, customers don’t really like websites that take forever for loading. Now, web design with heavy graphics and cluttered layout may be hit hard by these statistics. On a quantitative level, customers will prefer to switch to another site if it takes more than 3 seconds for a website to load its content, which directly translates into lost customers.

SEO helps web designers to incorporate best practices during web design phase, which in turn can help them keep loading time to a bare minimum and thus increase their chances of attracting and retaining more traffic on their websites.

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