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4 Reasons Why Premium Hosting Server is Good for Your Business

A premium hosting server denotes a hosting service where you pay for your website or application’s hosting space on a server. A non-premium or free hosting service on the other hand, lets you host your website or application for free on its servers. The use cases for both types of hosting are varied, which makes it difficult to vouch for one type over the other. However, when it comes to businesses or any commercial entity that relies on its web presence for survival, there is a clear cut winner.

Premium hosting is the way to go in such cases. Its advantages are just too large to ignore and can have a major impact on the success of the business itself. Here we look at four benefits you stand to gain by opting for premium web hosting.

1. Reliability:

When you are offered something for free, you still end up paying but in a manner unbeknownst to you. Nothing exemplifies this better than free web hosting services and their reliability.

For starters, free web hosting platforms can never offer the sort of up times that premium hosting companies can. That might probably be alright in case your website is more of a blog. But it is an absolute no-no if your website represents a business or is an commerce site. Imagine the prospect of losing visitors forever after they land up on your website when it is down.

A free hosting service sure helps you save money and it is understandable that upstart businesses find this alluring since it reduces running costs. However, there is a cost that you pay in the long term. With a premium hosting server, what you pay gets you genuine 99.99% up time and almost foolproof security.

2. Customer Support:

If you are new to hosting, do not ignore this part when scouting for a web hosting provider. If you have already owned a website for some time, you likely know the importance of good customer support.

More often than not, things will be fine; regardless of whether you are with a free host or a premium host. But it is when things go wrong, and they usually do, that the value of good support is realized. For instance, when a problem arises, a free hosting provider usually directs you to an FAQ section where the most common problems are discussed in a question and answer format. And in case your issue goes beyond the scope of these FAQs, there is likely no one to help you out. So not only do you have to fend for yourself, your website will be down for the duration as well.

Premium web hosting is like visiting a professional doctor for your health problem. You pay for a professional opinion that is informed and based on years of professional training. Issues with your website or its hosting are taken up on priority by premium hosting companies and solved in a timely manner. And most importantly, there will always be someone to guide you throughout the process.

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3. Control Over Content/Data:

Look back at the time and effort you put into visualizing and creating your website (it doesn’t matter if you outsourced it as it still is your baby); now imagine not being in complete control of it. Doesn’t sound all that appealing, does it?

But that is exactly how it is with free hosting providers. There are always certain aspects of your website that are kept beyond your control. While which part is made accessible and which is not differs from one free hosting provider to another, the common drawback of incomplete control over your website’s content or data remains.

By going for a premium hosting server, you can do away with restrictions like the number of web pages your website can have or the amount of data you’ve uploaded to your site. A website is no less than a messaging platform that enables you to build your brand, and building a brand requires complete control of all aspects of your website.

 4. Domain & Email:

Let’s face it; a free email service doesn’t get the same respect as a paid one. That is more apparent if the email is for your business. The sight of an email provider’s domain in your professional email address will cause your prospective business partners or customers to not take you seriously.

The same also holds true for your domain, or rather the sub domain since we are talking about free web hosting providers here. A business or professional website that has a sub-domain, instead of its own domain, has a minuscule chance of being taken seriously by visitors.

You can kiss both problems goodbye with a premium hosting server. Your website will have its own domain, which also means your email address will bear the name of your business. Now that definitely looks and sounds professional.

While important, these are in no way the only benefits of hosting your website with a paid service. Other advantages include being able to design your website without any restrictions, access to more dynamic bandwidth and storage space, and the freedom to sell ad space as you see fit. These are solid gains that can make a world of difference to the bottom-line of any business.

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