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Content Marketing Trends to Build a Robust Content Marketing Strategy

Technology is advancing at a fast pace. So, if you are an online business owner or a marketer, it means that you must stay updated on the latest market changes. Anytime there’s an SEO update or a new marketing trend, you should respond to that. It might indicate a shift from your present SEO and online marketing strategy as well.

Content is essential to online business success. Your clients need to read and connect to your brand. And that happens through good quality content. With every Google algorithm change, you need to make necessary changes to your content marketing strategy. An ace SEO or online marketing agency can provide expert help. To know more, you can get in touch with SEO agency Nashville Atomicdesign.

Do you want to give a boost to your current content marketing strategy? If yes, you must consider the important content marketing trends discussed below.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and content marketing:

Today, AI has a significant impact on content marketing. And in many ways, it is going to modify content marketing as a whole in the forthcoming years. Potent AI technologies are already in use, but not all are accessible. In the coming years, we will see the full impact of AI on content marketing.

One of the sure shot ways in which AI will impact content is through machine learning and analytics. AI will collect and interpret vast data, which otherwise would require many people to complete the task. AI completes this in a few seconds.

Are you wondering what it indicates in respect to content marketing? It will enable marketers to come up with smart content marketing tactics. When you have more information about your audience, their preferences, and interests, it is easier to curate and provide better content that will address their queries.

All this information will also help brands to create a targeted audience. It will also enable you to come up with customized content for all the audience segments. You can customize the content depending on your audience’s personality traits, their interests, shopping behavior, needs, and location details.

2. You need to develop a smart content management strategy:

Many companies create an editorial calendar, but they lack a robust content marketing strategy. According to the latest reports, close to 63% of the businesses lack a proper content marketing strategy. Start by having a content marketing strategy that seamlessly aligns with your business objectives. You must know that content strategy is not only about having an editorial calendar. It is a documented strategy which comprises of the following aspects:

  • Creating objectives for the strategy that is in sync with your business. It will help your content to attain other goals that add revenue and visibility to your business. The strategy and goals should also bring you more return on investment.
  • Creating KPI’s for evaluating the content marketing initiatives and the ROI
  • Have a content repurposing strategy
  • Have a strategy for audience segmentation for maximized personal content
  • Have a strategy for content curation

3. Prepare the content for voice search:

Voice is gaining prominence. It has impacted people and their daily life. It is easy to use, and hence, most people are making use of it for daily online searches. Voice search as a medium is gaining prominence because of devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. According to the latest records, most online searches will get done using voice search by 2020.

Hence, if you want to leverage voice search, it’s essential to optimize your content. Most devices draw in data from multiple sources and provide various outcomes. You can do many things for staying ahead of the competition and ensuring that the voice assistants will select the content you curate. To ensure that your content is conducive to voice search, you need to curate your content in a conversational tone. The sentences need to be simple, short, and carry relevant information. The voice assistants should be able to read out the central element of the immediate search query within very less time.

4. Add various kinds of content to address a broad section of the audience:

Content marketing is more than blogging. Your content gets used as social media content. That aside, it also includes marketing videos, podcasting as well as email marketing. And it’s essential to have a wide range of content so that you can address various sections of the target audience.

Today, people are interested in various kinds of content. People who want to know the basic facts about a concept, product, or service will seek content similar to Infographic. There are also online users who want to read in-depth content. They seek detailed and long-format content of 1000 and 2000 words. Here you can add relevant facts, references, and necessary explanations. People who want to read short, simple, and informative content can read the multiple blog content, which is usually within 500 words and gets written in an informative manner.

That aside, you also have video content. Today, most bloggers are using video blogging as a part of their content generation strategy. These are usually short videos of five to seven minutes that explains the subject and also the salient points. Today, the video presents a personal element, and that is the reason why people are more drawn to it.

5. Unique content:

You can’t have users like your video or blog for being generic. You need to have something unique and distinctive that separates your content from others. For this, you can develop an interesting tone of the conversation or choose a specific video format that adds the extra flavor. The moment an online user sees that your content has something new, rich, and unique to offer, they will get attracted to it and watch/read it. If they like your content chances are they will share it in social media. And that, in turn, will enhance your online visibility and brand awareness.

Creating generic content will not work for you. The online landscape is dynamic and competitive. Every brand is ready to get its share of increased customer base and profits. You can depend on the above-mentioned facts to create a content marketing strategy that works the best for you.

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