Facebook- As the Giant

Facebook- As the Giant of Social Media

It hasn’t been so long since Facebook came into our lives and literally took it by storm. It was only in 2004 when Mark Zuckerberg and his Harvard University roommate launched this mind-blowing social networking site/service. So, it’s only been brief 14 years since we are using this amazing social media forum, but when you look at the fame, popularity, and feedback that this social media site has received from users and subscriber from across the globe, you will be overwhelmed. We listen to so many other names in social media forums such as Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and many others, but not a single social media site is even close to the popularity of Facebook. The addictive nature of this amazing site has made its users subscribe to the best Internet plans such as Mediacom High Speed Internetto stay frequently updated with the said forum.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Facebook has emerged as the giant of social media forums. But how exactly did it achieve this massive popularity and fame? Let’s figure out.

The Immense Improvement over the Years:

Do you remember the look of Facebook when you first subscribed to it back in 2004? Well, it was quite different from what it is now. Although, there is no doubt that we were overwhelmed by it back then. Over the years, Facebook has improved itself immensely. It has added so many additional features, actions, and amazing buttons that even the mere sight of the site today seems to be jammed with entertainment. Improvement is the key to success. Facebook has facilitated its users with updating and upgrading the site. Even the mobile-optimized App of Facebook is mind-blowing. The messenger App supports video/audio calling facility, connecting the users more and more. None of the other social media sites has shown this level of improvement.

User-Friendly and Packed with Entertainment:

Again, Facebook has improved itself into becoming a more user-friendly and efficient Application and site. Facebookis packed with entertainment, facilities, and opportunities. The pages, groups, photos, and videos provide essential entertainment. Apart from the entertainment value, Facebook provides unlimited opportunities from marketing perspectives and brands and entrepreneurs from across the world are availing the benefit of it. It is just one instance. There are so many other benefits as well and we can go on and on discussing them.

Social Media Giant:

With a whopping 2.2 billion monthly users, Facebook is definitely the giant of social media forums. No other social media site has achieved such a gigantic number of users. The addictive effect of the said forum makes people say constantly updated with it. It has almost become a reflex action to keep checking Facebook updates every now and then. Look around, you will hardly find someone who doesn’t have a Facebook profile. After you get to know someone, the first things you probably ask them is about their Facebook name and this exactly shows the popularity of the said site.

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