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Five Website Design Errors to Avoid Before a Website Launch

A user can decide in just 5 to 10 seconds that whether they are going to get what they want from your website or not. If you are thinking about launching a website then there are some things you need to take care of. So, today I am going to tell you the five website design errors to avoid before a website launch.

It is very necessary to keep an eye on your website on regular basis in order to keep your targeted audience engaged after launching the website, so let’s see which are the 5 website design errors to avoid before a website launch and do remember these things if you want to grow your business.

There are many web development company that do keep these points in mind before launching any website. Because they care for their reputation too and they want to deliver the best work to their customers.

Debugging the errors before launching your website is necessary to ensure that you are launching a website that is free of any design errors.

Top 5 Website Design Errors to Avoid Before a Website Launch?

1. Mistakes in User Experience Design:

I am a visitor to your website and I am not at all able to understand a single thing in your website. Then, think yourself what mistakes you have done? Making a website by keeping users in mind matters a lot. Keep your website simple and easy so that even a customer who does not belong to IT field can get what they are looking for.

Each web page of your site must include relevant content, visible links to other pages, bold home button and a dark website logo that redirects the customer to the home page of your site.

Keep these things in mind and avoid website design errors before launching your website. The user experience of your website should be perfect.

2. Absence of responsive design:

If your website is good looking, powerful and attractive, customers will surely be impressed, but what will happen if the responsiveness in your website is absent? Will you get projects and orders as you expected? There are million of people who prefer to surf internet using their mobile phones and if they will find that your website is not at all responsive, they will not visit your website again and you will sure lose a good project.

website design errors

So, try to make your website 100% responsive, and check everything before launching it. Check your website by visiting it from different mobile phones and if you find any bug, fix it and then launch it.

3. Poor Content:

As you all know the slogan “Content is King”, it is actually very powerful. If the content in your website is of no use, irrelevant or not as per the services you provide, then there is a lot of chance of customer bounce. Avoid putting over-loaded content in your website and before launching it, it is highly recommended that check the content and proof read it.

4. Check for broken links:

Broken links or bad links are really annoying and if you find any broken link in your website before launching it, then it is the time to halt your launch. So, this is also one of the big mistake to avoid before launching a website.

5. Interface design is inconsistent:

If you are talented enough to make a website that looks more attractive and colourful then it’s good, but everything should be in a limit, right? An overloaded website can surely ruin your career, so keep it simple yet attractive. Don’t confuse your customers with so many things on a single web page.

Visitors nowadays refer websites having minimalist designs and lots of information only which refers to major things like about the organization and what kind of services they provide.

Mentioned above are the five website design errors to avoid before a website launch. I request all of you to remember and cross check these points before you launch your website, otherwise you will face troubles later.

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