Changa app-The best-unprecedented growth of the Indian app in 2020

The best-unprecedented growth of the Indian app in 2020

According to the reports, currently, the Indian Government banned 59 Chinese apps from Google plays store and App store including a short video Chinese app Tiktok. Due to the ban on Chinese applications in India, the Go Indian App 2’s Vice President’s event increases. Now Indian apps are trending everywhere and everyone is following the Indian platform. The ban has also helped some Indian applications that have seen unprecedented growth since the ban and it was a huge loss for China. According to today’s condition, China is a secret enemy for India and the ban of Chinese is one of the best ways for the fantastic growth of an Indian app.

Due to the ban, not only short video sharing app there some other apps are also banned which have various uses like beauty, clothing, scanners, browsers, etc. As of now, everyone is searching for the proper alternatives or replacements of these applications.

Due to this, the growth of Indian apps is increasing rapidly and it also very beneficial for our Indian economy as well because India’s economy was already in a manufacturing Recession with key sectors like oil, gas, electricity, etc.

The growth of the Indian app is increasing so rapidly in other fields as well as the IT sector, business development, digital marketing, and also digital payments applications.  The increasingly integrated landscape of people, devices, e-commerce, and social media platforms is creating a new world of digital payments. We know that technology is also evolving day by day and that is why the growth of applications includes Ubiquitous Connectivity, Biometrics, Tokenization, Cloud Computing, and IoT are just a few trends that are affecting the way customers transact and communicate with their bank.

As we are all mostly aware of the situation of the country regarding the increasing cases of coronavirus and the high tensions at LAC with China, there has been a strong wave of anti-China sentiments which has resulted in the boycott of Chinese products. Because of this, most of our people have started to look for non-Chinese products in every segment, both software, and hardware. This sentiment is one of the reasons for banning these apps. Well apart from this, the main discussion is about the most social media applications for different creations. To explore more about social media and their platforms that are going to shine India.

The trend of creating short videos in social media and got viral in few minutes with the help of different social media platforms is increasing but due to boycott of Chinese apps In everyone needs the best replacement of Tiktok which I describe below for all the creators. Recently the Changa app is trending so fast in social media which is made in India and also it is close to 1 million downloads in a short period. This application is easily available in the Google play store and app store very soon. You can check this app on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter also and download this app from Playstore.

What is the Changa app?           

The newly launched Changa app is one of the great apps that is gaining popularity in the online community very rapidly. In this application of short videos, you’ll always have something fun and enjoyable to experience. The user interface of the application is quite similar to Tiktok, so you won’t find it difficult to use. Along with this, you have the option to share videos, WhatsApp statuses, and much more stuff. BITCS launches this short video app Changa, an Indian regional short video platform, it’s a major achievement to all the Indian online community which silently fill in the void left by TikTok.


The size of the application is 18 MB and it is compatible with devices with version 5.0 or higher. The community of all the news and old Indian platforms is happy that this step has been finally taken. And the change app assures would like to welcome all the users of Tiktok to come and try our Changaapp, which is a 100% India has grown app and made for the passionate Indians.

Changa is similar to Tiktok and Likee, where users can create short videos and edit them with different filters and effects. It has such outstanding features just like Tiktok such as you can watch and explore unlimited videos for free like funny, music, dance and more and those videos viral by upload this video, create a fanbase and become an online sensation as well, a collab with your friends and colleagues and enjoy their amazing features.

Changa app is one of the great apps that is gaining popularity in the online community very rapidly. In this application of short videos, you’ll always have something fun and enjoyable to experience with. The most popular content on Changa is led by influencers so building partnerships with content creators is a winning strategy. As the increasing popularity of Changa which is pretty accessible since agencies can run it self-serve with no minimum spend and it only requires a vertical video creative.

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