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How to stand out your website in the Google results page

Admissible Title Pages:

For any website to attract its readers, it is important to make relevant, attracting title pages.It should be short and to the point. Daily, thousands of people around the globe use Google for obtaining information that they are in need of. If you want your title to stand out so you need a suitable range of characters which is according to Google and that is in between 50-65 long characters. The targeted keywords and phrases should be included nearer to the beginning and localizing it is also important.

Favorable URLS: 

Search engines require SEO friendly URLs that that consists of suitable file names and permalink structures. Categorizing the URLS structure is also important, as this would organize your whole structure of hierarchy within the URLS form. Due to the sub domains in various URLs, it starts conflicting with the similar product domains and the users might not be satisfied with the structure. The Google search engines might also get confused with different subcategories. It is essential to make domain that consists of subcategories in a more organized form as this would be easier for the users as well.

Meta Descriptions:

After the title, if you really want your website to stand out then it should include a brief description of your product or service that the website is offering. It is important to make your descriptions relevant to your content that is on the website and each website page carries a different content so it has to be according to that. Keywords are also significant part of your descriptions, as they would attract the right crowd of people who are in search of your website.Calls-to-action (CTA) is given for the user to contact or communicate with the website admins, as this would make the users even more relaxed.

Google Authorship:

Google Authorship is most reliable when a website needs to stand out. Once the user is on your website, Google will provide more links, which will provide them even more information about the site. People are more interested in pictures and faces regarding the website, as they feel more trusted and comfortable when they click on the face that will appear. As more clicks you will get, the more chances of your website to stand out. In addition, it will be more effective for your website as it will get even more views.

Effective Google Local

Google local will provide maximum opportunity for the website to provide accuracy and reviews. Locally it would market your brand if you are small service provider or a large firm. By telling your expertise, specializing the product, promotional activities, events and telling how efficient you rare would enhance your capabilities and reviews.Users will also be able to stay in touch with the website and they would also be committed.

Good Google Reviews:

To make your website even more standout it is necessary to have Google reviews and ratings. This would be more appealing for the users as they would be relying more on the Google reviews. A good review by Google goes a long way and the users feel more trusted. This would make the website stand out among the other local listing. Users are going to stick to the positive reviews and rankings and would make them happy and satisfied.

Social Media:

This can include one of the most top used social media working websites such as; Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram to help evolve the website even more. Once a user sees a website on the Google result wage, they would also look for other social media platforms for it. This would provide them with an insight about the product or service they are offering. They are also appealing on the result web page. As millions of people around the globe are connected with each other through one common platform, they would also be able to see what other people have to say about the website. As this would reflect an image of the kind of business the user in dealing with.

SEO and Analytic:

It is essential for any website to have a strong and engaging SEO, as this would make your website more recognizable in the result. As people surf through thousands of web sites during the day they would come across the ones with have been more recently clicked.On the result page of Google, this would help in engaging the user’s attention more.

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