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Why Is Content Crucial In SEO?

Everything about the World-wide-web has to do with Content. The need for quality content for your webpage is so important if you ever think of ranking No 1 on Google.Hence, without Content, your effort to run SEO on your Website or Blog is hopeless, and if you don’t use SEO for your website, even if your content is tight, nobody will even know you exist on the World-wide-web.

For us to understand clearly what content is and not to get bamboozled, especially for those who are new to SEO, lets differentiate and elucidate on the similarities and relationship binding theses two terms. So what is content? Web content in plain terms; is the written, visual, or aural content,convened as part of the user experience on websites. These contents as earlier said, comes in the form of written text, visual images,and aural sounds of videos, audio oranimations. Content carries information, and this is the most reason why people go online to frequent news sites, read books, visit chat rooms and etcetera. On the other hand, SEO (Search engine optimization) is a scheme of techniques used to increase the number of  web users that visits a website by acquiring a high-ranking position in the Google, Bing, Yahoo and other web service provider’s SERPs(Search Engines Results Page).

All E-commerce Development companies and Web developers today, agrees to the fact that content and SEO has so much in common, this is why the connection between SEO and content is undisputedly inseparable. Think,why do you desire a good sitemap for your website? So people can more easily find and access your content. Why do you want the right tags in the right places? So that your written content can get a global indexing, accurate search results, and more visits from readers.So you see, from these questions answered, SEO is all about doing technical things like optimizing and utilizing proper tags, and constructing a strategic sitemap for your website.

It is still also important for us to know the difference between Content Marketing and SEO and how they work together, because they must overlap to utilize Content for your Google ranking.

Simply put, Content Marketing is a tactical marketing approach focused on creating and supplying effective, appropriate, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly discernible audience to the end-point of eventually driving profitable customer action.Thus, you can see that Content marketing and SEO do overlap, and fit together.

Now that we have known what content is all about, and how they are significant for your SEO, it is also of great importance to know how to develop quality content so that your SEO can effectively do the technical aspect for your website.How do you do these? It includes everything to do with the writing and structuring of content, so you have to strictly consider things like the length, spelling and grammatical efficiency, visual appeal, readability, expertise in the use of words, focusing on a single topic, writing format, the use of storytelling, passionate writing and etc. Also, note that fresh content is rapidly indexed, and registers higher in the SERPs of Google than older low-value content;this is why you have to be keen in always providing high quality content for your website from time to time depending on the niche of your website.

Having putting all the above tips into consideration, let us now have an expanded and technical view in details on why Content is so crucial for SEO on your website.

Why Content Must Be Available For SEO:

In the game of SEO, when content is optimized, it radically improves your website visibility, and without visibility and exposure, your content is just like another one of the millions of articles that are posted every day on the World-wide-web that nobody gets to know of, shares or even have to do anything with it.However,it is actually easy to get visible when you know what to do, and what to do is SEO. Hence, there are few things to practically do to make positive exploits in using SEO for your website. but without the content, how do you undertake these tasks?

 Quality Content Paves Way For Social Validation:

With the help of SEO, if you do not have a kind of positive social validation due to poor quality content, you can still easily turn that around, once you have your content is in place and provided your SEO expert does his job well. ‘In fondo’, for a small business, the only way you can get social validation is by having quality contents up your sleeve.

There are some few ways and techniques to help validate your content, though if you have been running content marketing for some time it should be easy, but if not; try to focus on some of your blog posts or web contents that is already trending and popular, you can as well go to Google analytics and look out on some ratings about your previous contents. Once you find that content that’s ranking for your keyword, you can do some little more on it like giving feedbacks, answering to people’s questions and commenting on people’s review and so on. This is true, and this technique is working, because when your content is great, and it delivers value that people tend to always find what they are looking for, you’ll observe that they-tend to engage more with your  content through social media websites. When your links are been shared on various platforms, Google sees these actions as a genuine social validation and then uses this validation to rank your links and pages.

Without Content You Can’t Access Quality Backlinks:

What will make people link back to your Website or Blog?  Although some website owners do pay an E-commerce Development Company to provide backlinks for their site so that they can rank, but to be frank, most people will only link back to your webpage when they appreciate or like what your contents is all about.

When using SEO to create backlinks from authoritative sites, content plays the major role such that after you have already compile a list of relevant Influencers or marketers, you have to create a valuable content that looks appealing to your list before of thinking of any form of outreach.

 SEO Requires Tactical Usage Of Keywords And Search Terms:

Keywords play a big role when it comes to ranking web pages and blog posts according to their true value. It is therefore important to master the act of using keywords wisely, and to do that, ou need to know exactly the places to strategically place them in your content, ideal places to use keywords on your content is on major headings, topics and within the body part of the content in general, also don’t forget to use them on your title page when doing your SEO. For headlines, it is advisable to always use primary keywords in the first three to five words. When skimming through a page of search results on  search engine or article directory, this technique in placing keywords in your headlines helps to draw web user’s attention and persuade them to read your content  instead of passing it by. Furthermore, when using keywords within an article, it is ideal to bold or link your keywords, and be keen to make use of keyword density that does not amounts to more than 3% of your overall content or else Google may suspect your site to be spammy.

It is only through strategic content writing that you can use the right keywords to satisfy Google. However,be sure that your use of keywords looks natural and organic, because if you write ugly sentences to use keywords, it will look obvious and this tends to turn readers off.

Content Is Required For SEO Search Task Accomplishment Rating:

Have you heard of Google Task Accomplishment Rating? It’s a system that Google uses to rate your website to rank for solving a purpose. Your content should be able to provide useful tips to exactly what visitors to your site are looking for, otherwise, even if your website is popular and does not provide value, the Google algorithm will interprets it as under performance and it means your ranking will start to deteriorate. This more reason why content seems to be getting more popular in the circle of SEO these days, and that’s why some Magneto Development Agencies and E-commerce Development Companies tend to hire more  freelance article writers on the go to enable them maximize on their content marketing dispensation.

SEO Needs Content To Optimize Tags:

If you have content, there a lot you can do with SEO. With so many tags for you to optimize, ranging from Viewport meta tag, Rel=”canonical” Link Tag, Robots Meta Tag, Italic/Bold Tags, Heading Tags, Title Tags,Social Media Meta Tags and etcetera. With all these tags in place, a complete and thoughtful SEO strategy is what you would turn to if your goal is to improve your website’s visibility and grow traffic. As regard to these, you can see that, content is a must tool for Onpage SEO and offpage SEO, in fact with all these tags everywhere, you may even begin to think Onpage SEO is of more importance, but will it be if there’s no content in the first place?  But when using tags, be keen to be update on which tags are obsolete and the ones that are a must to have and it’s also important to understand the role of each tag you’re using and thereby evaluate its impact on your website to clarify its search worthiness..

Magento Development Agencies and most SEO experts have changed their concepts on how they use tags these days as  since search engines are getting smarter, so if you’re the type of marketer that uses all manner of tags in a dubious way, it may surprise you when you get the warning of a ban from Google.

Content Is Needed To Optimize Meta Description In SEO:

What are  meta description tags? it’s a small snippet of text that appears under the title tag and URL. It will interest you to know that Google don’t directly uses meta description for ranking of your website, but with available content, when a web user visits clicks through on your webpage, the click-through rate can as well impact on your ranking indirectly. For practical and effective usage of meta tags; try to keep it under 160 characters, do include significant keywords since they would be highlighted when a web user searches results. Also it is important you provide a specific synopsis of what your content is all about.

Google Needs Content To Rank Your Website:

This topic should not be overemphasized, because it leaves us with the exasperating question that; even with all your SEO techniques at hand, if you don’t have content at all, then what is Google going to rank? This brings us back to the normal question some E-commerce Development Companies always ask; what keywords do you rank for? Without the content in question, how do you ever get to use keywords in the first place?  Another potential way Google uses to rank your we

SEO Needs Content To Effectively Target Search Query:

page is with the use of inbound links, because it helps determine how authoritative and relevant your content is.

The significant difference between keywords and search queries lies between who uses them. Marketers use keywords to create SEO and Pay per click campaigns, while users type search queries into Google to locate information online, and that information comes in form of content.

People just type what they are looking for with the expectation search engine provides the information they need, hence;since search query is important for web users, then it’s also important for SEO

So, in conclusion, we’ve got to know that content is all about SEO, what earns you back-links in form of Off page SEO is content,and what enables you to perform all the general and professional On page SEO techniques on your websites all depends on the availability of content. SEO and content, at their best, they form a bond that can catapult any website to the top of SERPs.

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