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10 Best Organic SEO Techniques for Promoting A Business

Modern organic SEO techniques are not only about stuffing keywords into content and they aim to provide a better user experience in order to achieve high rankings. Buying advertisement spots on search engine results is a good short-term tactic but the long-term gains of organic SEO remain unmatched. A Canadian apparel brand hired an agency for search engine optimization in Vancouver for promoting its business. The Vancouver based search engine Services Company made sure that the clothing retailer improved its online visibility by employing the best SEO techniques. Let’s take a look at the tactics used by the firm to help its client gain high rankings organically.

1. Identify The Most Appropriate Keywords:

The agency did not make the mistake of trying to achieve a high rank for all the keywords that were associated with the client’s business. It chose the most appropriate keywords from the complete list and started working on them. Optimizing the content with those terms helped the business gradually rise high in related search results. The SEO experts researched how potential customers were searching for apparels in different age groups and then checked which terms were attracting the most online traffic. They focused on only the keywords with the most traffic and helped the apparel brand improved its visibility.

2. Invest In Cornerstone Content:

The SEO company located in Vancouver created a blog for the client’s website and made sure that it contained a page with cornerstone content. The client had approached them before the onset of winter and the agency created content related to styling tips and clothing suggestions for the season. The best and the most important content is categorized as cornerstone content. Creating winter fashion as cornerstone content helped the business rank higher in relevant search results leading more visitors to the brand’s website.

3. Create A Responsive Website:

One of the most valuable suggestions that the SEO consultants gave to the apparel brand was to create a responsive website. This ensured that the interface was rendered perfectly on all devices and users had no problems in accessing it. The majority of internet traffic is being driven by smart devices which are also being used for conducting online transactions. With Google considering mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor it has become imperative to have a responsive website.

4. Implement Local SEO Tactics:

Local SEO has become one of the most important organic SEO techniques being used by not only small but large enterprises also. The stores of the clothing brand were included in local business listings and the SEO agency pursued clients to generate customer reviews. This helped the brand improve its position in local searches. The strategy also helped the business earn more revenue as optimizing for local searches resulted in increased footfalls at the stores.

5. Create Social Media Profiles For The Business:

Social media has grown from being an avenue for connecting with friends to a large platform with immense marketing potential. The Vancouver based SEO firm created profiles for the apparel brand on major social networks and started posting promotional as well as helpful content. The strategy was helpful in creating a large number of followers who shared the content their profiles. Social channels were used for running contests, advertising promotional offers and displaying customer feedback. Managing the reputation to create a positive image influences search engines to take a favorable view of a business.

6. Optimize The Page Titles:

The title tag is a vital on-page element that can affect the visibility of an interface. It is used to define a web page’s title by providing a brief description of its contents. The title is the first line of hyperlinked text that is visible in search results. Optimizing them for relevant keywords will help improve the rankings of a website. The Canadian SEO experts also included the brand’s name in the page titles.

7. Compose Attractive Meta Descriptions:

Meta descriptions appear below the titles in search results and provide a preview about the page content to users. They are not as important as titles when it comes to SEO but they have the power to encourage users to click on the link. The firm hired by the Canadian business wrote short and attractive descriptions of the various pages with the target keywords inserted in them. Whenever a user made a related search, the keywords were highlighted prompting the person to click the link.

8. Always Use ALT Tags With Images:

Search engines cannot interpret images the way they read text. ALT tags are used to provide accompanying text to an image so that search engines can understand their nature. Using short but descriptive ALT tags with targeted keywords can help a page appear in a good position in search results. The length of these tags is very short and users must insert a keyword only if it can be included naturally.

9. Keep A Concise URL Structure:

It is generally seen that shorter URLs perform better than longer ones. A URL having less than 100 characters is considered to be a good one. The Vancouver based search engine optimization firm created short URLs with character limit in the range of 50 to 60. They included relevant keywords near the domain name to ensure that the visibility of the interface improved.

10. Use Analytics Tools For Performance Assessment:

SEO is a constant process and the approach needs to be refined according to changing realities. A low ranking website will need a completely different strategy from a high-ranking interface. Analytics tools provide a way to track important metrics such as website traffic, time spent by users on the interface, click-through rate etc. This information helps in assessing the performance and make changes accordingly.


Organic SEO techniques can help websites rank high in search results but they require thoughtful planning, careful implementation and lots of patience for generating fruitful results.

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