E-commerce Business and SEO

E-commerce Business and SEO- The Best companions

 SEO allows your business to maximize its visibility on search engines and thus bring traffic to your site. For your e-commerce, it is therefore the possibility of bringing a maximum of prospect to discover your brand as well as your products.

It is therefore important that your e-commerce and your products are ranked in the first responses of the search engines. Do not appear on the first page of search engines is a real obstacle to your business. To avoid this, you need to optimize your SEO.

To optimize SEO, you have access to many plugins to help you in your approach.Every website owner aims for and aspires to top online visibility. Many technical factors, editorial, on-page, Offpage impact the natural referencing of your site and ultimately its visibility on the search engines.

Making the right choice of platform on which your site will be developed can make the difference between being on the first page of search engine results, the second, third or subsequent pages.

A priori you know better your business and the agency that you will mandate, you know your best sellers products, the trend of your market and the latest trends and developments. These are essential elements that will be communicated to Magento Ecommerce agency or ecommerce development company.

It will also be necessary to take into account the aspect contained in the creation of your online store. To optimize its SEO it will be necessary to produce well calibrated and well targeted content that will feed your site recurrently.

SEO, a necessity to increase ecommerce sales:

The online sale depends on the traffic that an e-commerce site receives and this one is obtained mainly in three ways: by the search engines (organic), by the online advertising or by a big notoriety which will make sure that your customers will type your URL directly in their (direct) browser. SEO, also called web referencing, is to improve your positioning on search engines. Knowing this, here are 3 reasons why SEO should definitely be considered to increase the traffic and sales of a commerce site .

 1. SEO allows your customers to find you: 

The first source of traffic for the vast majority of websites is usually organic, and especially from Google. You can check the statistics yourself using the Analytics tool on your website and see that Google is your primary source of customers.

Does your company work in e-commerce?

It is an adult out of 2 who made purchases online during the year 2014 according to a CEFRIO study! Observe your behavior in your next online search. It’s very rare for people to see a lot of results in Google. You would not want to miss your chances with your customers because you were not in the first results on Google. In addition, if your customers do not see you, it is your competitors there who will gain notoriety. So you need to make sure you have a prime position on the front page, which only SEO can help you get.

2. Increase your net income by decreasing the need for online advertising:

If you have already purchased advertising online, on Google, Facebook or any other website, you know that one click can be expensive. When you’re talking about multiple clicks, thousands of dollars can be spent quickly, in one month. Each new click will always incur an additional amount to spend.Thanks to SEO efforts, these clicks will not cost anything. Of course, SEO is a cost. However, the amount spent will not increase based on the number of clicks! So you can quickly get an interesting return on your investment.

3. SEO is a long-term sustainable investment for e-commerce:

The effects of SEO are felt for a long time. Indeed, unless a major update of Google, efforts will continue. They are therefore different from conventional or online advertising that is effective only for the duration of implementation. Indeed, efforts will accumulate to constantly improve your position.

After these introductory remarks, let’s turn to our comparison of some e-commerce platforms: 

E-commerce site planning:

Once you have chosen your keywords, you should start planning the site.Tip: Make an initial sketch of your site, and then determine where your keywords will be positioned in the site map. This is called information architecture, the foundation of SEO in e-commerce.

Search keywords in SEO:

Keyword research is equivalent to finding markets. People, who skip this step, bypassing the planning process, undermine their ability to succeed! There are many free resources and tools on the Net to guide you not only in your research, but also to educate you about what you should be looking for.

Be connected:

Start blogging. Set up a Youtube channel specific to your company, as well as a page of your company on a social network such as Facebook. Set up a Twitter account and start following people in your target demographic heart, so that they start to follow you too! Also go to Linkedin if necessary if it concerns you (B2B). Marketing and obtaining a place of choice in organic referencing means that you are integrated into the Web community that interests you. Once your site is up with basic SEO guidelines, search engines will start to find it (if you choose your key words wisely).

The WooCommerce solution:


WooCommerce is an extension to create your e-commerce from WordPress. To optimize SEO, you have access to many plugins to help you in your approach. You have the plugin Yoast SEO, free, indicating if your keywords are in line with your content, which will improve your SEO. This extension is especially important when writing for your integrated blog. This extension is however to be completed with Yoast WooCommerce SEO which will allow you to adapt the description of your products in that given by the search engines. The price and the brand of the product will then be visible. Apart from using WooCommerce, WordPress also allows you to change the URLs of your articles as well as the ALT of your images. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to write and set up a blog attached.

Magento, the number 1 solution in Europe and the USA:

Magento offers all the most important points detailed previously to optimize your SEO. It allows you to add a canonical URL on each page, rewrite URLs, automatically generate sitemap files, fill ALT images, customize but also incorporate a default title and meta description in the case where you forget to modify it. You can also disable “use category path”. This will allow shorter URLs for your product pages, improve your SEO but also readability and understanding for the customer. Several extensions are also applicable. You have the SEO plugin Gento. This plugin will allow you to refine and further optimize your URLs, Meta description, your titles but also and especially sales suggestions based on the visit of your customers. This extension allows improving your positioning but also customer satisfaction following a visit to your site. Magento is the most complete solution, thanks to its extension, to optimize your SEO.

The Prestashop solution:

The Prestashop solution is easy to use. However, this simplicity also limits you when you want to optimize your SEO. Again, many modules are available to perfect the initial solution. This is particularly the case of the module 1.4 with which you can program your tags title, description and keyword and URLs simplified. All these elements will then be saved by default which will save time and positioning. These modules are however also paid. The solution itself will not allow you as much flexibility as you want to reference your site and have the optimum positioning.   

The Shopify solution:

The Shopify solution offers you numerous sales solutions, including the creation of an online store. This solution also gives you access to several features related to SEO on search engines. Shopify allows you to customize H1 tags, title tags and Meta description. An XML sitemap is also generated allowing you to index your content. You will also be able to modify the ALT attributes of your images. Shopify is a paid solution by monthly payment and via a commission on your sales. These rates are evaluated according to the weight of your activity. Its various solutions offer you more or less interesting tools and developed to increase your SEO. These tools are usually enhanced by more detailed extensions and modules that will boost your SEO in every game you want. SEO is not only important to bring you prospects; it also asserts a certain notoriety and know-how. For the majority of people, sites arriving in the first Google proposals are often cataloged as more professional and more secure. So you know what you have to do for your e-commerce.

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