Steps to Improving Technical SEO

5 Important Steps to Improving Technical SEO

Everyone is dealing with relevance result in the world. It deals with usability, crawling, indexation and ranking of the website that improves the on page SEO

Off page activities are very important for getting ranking but you cannot deny the on page. In off page activities link building is important for the ranking the website. On page activities consist the content creation and optimization. Here i listed 5 steps to improving technical SEO.

1. Crawling and Indexing:

Google required the crawling and indexations of the web pages before come into search results. Artificial intelligence will help to Google spider crawl the web-pages. Artificial intelligence courses will helps to understanding the basic concepts. If Google does not crawling the web pages then search engine will not be appear on Google Search Engine Result Pages. Google crawler crawl the web pages and indexation completely then Google ranking the website with all platform verification.

  • Ensure All Pages are Indexable:

 Initially Digital marketers ensure that all important pages will be crawlable and indexable because Google and any other search engine will initially crawl and index then appear on search engine result pages. If Google index the all-important pages then it make better search results and ranking the pages. You consider robot.txt that can help to crawling all important pages in the SERP.

2. Maintained Structure Data:

For improving technical SEO structure data will helpful for the improving the base of on page of the website. Schema mark-up providing better understanding the content of website. For understanding the contextual format of content will be easily show the Google search engine result pages and users can easily understand the product and services.

3. Site Structure and Mobile Navigation:

Website Structure should be very clear because user can understand you content and understand the product and services. Sitemap should be very clear; each and every page will be crawlable for the website. If each and every page will be clear the conversion chances is very high.

4. Internal linking structure:

Internal linking is the way to connect web pages of the in particular website user can easily navigate the one page to another pages.Google will consider the internal linking through the pages which internally connect the relevant pages. It increases the page relevancy in the in crawling and indexing through the website by Google bot. Indexed by all pages into the website is necessary for the website.

5. Site Speed:

Google speed insight is very important tool for the checking the real time speed in a particular parameter. Site speed reduces the loading speed of the website then bounce rate will reduce of the website. Google bot will consider site speed in second in particular at web pages.


There are many technical term to improving the technical search engine optimization. Technically On page ratio will be 65% of the system. On page is technical guideline of Google which fulfil by the Digital marketer and digital marketing companies. Off page completely depends on link building process. These technical process will be requires for the search engine optimization.

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