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5 Reasons You Must Abstain From Keyword Stuffing

Just the other day, I was talking to a friend of mine who was a serial womanizer. I was trying to take him out of it as usual then he said something that really stunned me. He said “behind a successful man is a woman, so all you need to do to be more successful is to increase the number of women you have”. You may probably be laughing but this very short story has a moral behind it that you can learn from. The level of e-Commerce development we are currently experience is explosive as more e-Commerce firms are emerging steadily. Not everyone will have the financial strength to consult a good Magento e-Commerce agency or e-Commerce development firm. Despite this fact, a number of e-Commerce firms are doing their best to keep their heads on top of the water. Back to the moral of my very short story, the fact that one woman will make you successful does not mean that more women will make you more successful. Instead, they will most likely bring about your downfall. This principle applies to a lot of other things such as health, food and even business. The fact, that putting a signpost for advertising to bring customers to you does not mean that you should litter or cover the whole place signposts of your business. Similarly in e-Commerce, the fact that using a keyword or set of keywords increases the traffic your website receives does not mean that you should fill content in your website using such keyword or set of keywords.

This mistake is particularly common to individuals who are just making headway in the world of e-Commerce. Probably because you have not had that much traffic, you become overexcited and overdo that action believing that more of that same action means more results. Another factor that can influence this kind of mistake is the instance where your competition is making headway doing this and you want to implement it on your website without considering the demographics. Keyword stuffing is the black hat search engine optimization strategy of directly or deceptively including a target keyword numerous times on a page. If you are still considering using this strategy, below are five reasons why you must abstain from keyword stuffing.

It is not user friendly

What makes a business a good business if it does not serve consumer’s need? This strategy is just done to bring traffic to your website with no plans to sustain such traffic. The reason is very simple and the reason is that it is not user friendly. Keyword stuffing is about repeating keywords over and over especially in a particular area of your website content. This will affect your content published on your website and make it look unnatural and unfriendly to web users visiting your website.

You can face harsh penalties from search engines

This strategy of black hat SEO will only fool search engines for a while but you would eventually be caught. This is because search engines update their algorithms with at least 500 changes every year. In other words, it won’t take long before you get caught. When you are caught eventually, you will be sanctioned and punished by these search engines. They will push your website down the search engines ranking other. This will affect your business significantly considering that the most visited websites on the internet are those of search engines.

It is not a futuristic strategy

The idea behind keyword stuffing is to drive more traffic to your website. When you engage in this act, you are most likely to not have a plan to keep the traffic you gain to avoid one off customers. Even if you did, you will still not be able to implement it as the content of your website which is supposed to engage your website users has been tampered with thanks to your keyword stuffing act.

It makes you look unprofessional

The use of any black hat SEO strategy particularly keyword stuffing means that you are just desperate for the traffic. Desperation is a characteristic of an amateur business owner looking for a break. When a professional puts his hands to work, he implements strategies that do not make him look like a desperate fellow. If the content of your website cannot be trusted, how then can we trust the services you provide?

It hurts and kills your brand

A brand is more than a fancy name that is associated with a beautiful logo. A brand is something that has value and as such makes people want to associate themselves with it. A brand is more than what a graphic designer can cook up on a computer. A brand is a relationship that is built on trust. Keyword stuffing on your website (which serves as the office for some of us who cannot visit your website for one reason or the other), give off a wrong impression about how much value your brand can offer. It makes us doubt the impact of your brand and if we will be willing to associate ourselves with it.

Keyword stuffing is a short term or short lived strategy that is if it gets born in the first place. Besides that, quick fixes and quick results have been known to crumble as quickly as they are built. Instead of using black hat SEO strategies such as keyword stuffing, you can use other reliable SEO techniques to boost your website. You can post content and use keywords on trending issues. You can also use long tailed keywords amongst a host of other techniques.

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