5 Ways to Use Instagram Stories

5 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business During the Holidays

The best time for brands of using Instagram stories is holiday season. Instagram stories dazzle the customer and aid them in making huge sales. You will be needing spreading words to world, and yes, and Instagram, no doubt, is the best option. Why not go to the top of this app by using section of Instagram stories? This is an excellent promotional tool – if used rightly.

So, let use this as the brand’s front as well as center, where you become able to communicate as well as sell to the audience in the season of holidays. Following are the 5 method of optimizing the strategy for Instagram stories.

1. Tell your followers for tuning in with your Stories:

Wherever you want to communicate with your viewers – Facebook, email, Pinterest, Instagram twitter or so on – let them know that you are going to post something unique on your Instagram stories quite soon. Pick a day for starting the holiday stories and tell the audience when you are going to tune in.

It serves a quite significant purpose: to create a buzz before you begin the holiday promotions. Meanwhile, prepare the large splash for the story feed which will attract maximum followers. The objective is to gain a rush of the followers viewing your stories during holidays, then to hook them till season ends.

To start the holiday stories, offer something incredible which your followers will admire. For instance, you can lead a massive flash sale or expansive giveaway for the top selling products of your brand.

2. First Entertain, then promote:

After you have caught the attention of our follower, keep the customers check your stories by the end of holidays. It doesn’t show that you need of bombarding the followers with your promotions. This might get so boring for them and it may lead towards the massive decline in the viewership of daily stories. Other than this, you can consider value first approach – which means, producing attractive, exciting content before thinking regarding selling things even. As you post your story in feed having good stuff, your viewers will desire more for watching it.

So, ultimately, this thing will do wonders for the holiday strategy. For staying in front of your audience, you need to make the great content which makes it easier to catch attention of people. And as you sell something finally, the audience will get more receptive for the promotions.

3. Do Promote when expected least:

As the Story feed produces a limitless flow of an entertaining content, give a little surprise promotion now and then. Time related deals and flash sales are fantastic — these will help in keeping the followers glued with your Story along with the anticipation of upcoming great promotion of Best advice for black friday.

You can call Instagram as visual based platform, thus publish the high quality images of the services or products of your company while making promotions. Moreover, be innovative with the call to actions. Use them visually, make use of doodle tools for marking up the stories and leverage See More feature of Instagram.

4. Produce series-based and holiday-specific content:

Today is the best time of being festive. Consider of series base content – the content which is published in installments. Similar to grip the TV shows which add a lot of suspense, make use of your stories for making followers go insanely curious regarding the things coming up next. Fr instance, you can make series which shows snapshots of last whole one day before opening the store for sale of Black Friday. Also, you can leave tantalizing clues regarding what your upcoming sale will have.

Other than this you can try holiday related content which can fit good with the brand. For instance, you can provide followers a look from behind the scenes about how your brand is preparing for holiday season. You can put spotlight also about how your customers are utilizing the service or products to leave a blast during holiday season.

5. Whip up engagement on Instagram Stories:

Your followers are often seen interacting with you by Instagram algorithm. So try to buy Instagram Views UK more and more and create much engagement on stories with them. Following are few ways of increasing story engagement:

As the Instagram algorithm sees your followers frequently interacting with your account, it’ll keep delivering your Story to them.

Here are a few ways to increase Story engagement:

  • Use Poll stickers. It is a great feature of Instagram which allows you to ask questions from followers using poll and incite them for interaction.
  • Use direct messages. Ask questions frequently to the followers in Stories. Also use direct messages to talk to them. They will reply, for sure!
  • Give away the goodies. Launch flash giveaways as well as contests and get the engagement drummed up!

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