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6 Actionable Tips For Better Keyword Research In 2019

Search engine optimization is a rapidly changing field which is affected by numerous factors. Technological advancements and Google’s algorithms will influence keyword research in 2019 along with other SEO aspects. The competition between websites belonging to the same category has only increased. The main reason for this is the rise of SEO-friendly platforms like WordPress web development and other software solutions. Keyword planning becomes all the more important in this scenario as it facilitates a better understanding of audience behavior. It helps to know the kind of terms being used by people to search for solutions. Website owners can then compose the content which provides the most value to visitors. The following ideas can be used by them to devise a keyword research strategy for the current year.

1. Analyze Your Current Performance:

It is essential to assess the present performance of your website before framing the strategy. There are various tools like Google Analytics which help in this purpose. They can help identify the keywords which are at present driving maximum traffic to your interface. You also get information about search volume figures and the level of competition for each term. Going through the analysis will help you spot phrases with high search volume which you can target in the future. The analytics report will also uncover terms which are not directing good quality traffic to the interface. A performance evaluation will give a fair idea about the current terms that can be retained or discarded.

2. Understand The Concept Of Topic Clusters:

Keywords form the base on which content is developed. Until now, optimization involved choosing a phrase and creating multiple, unique pieces on related topics. However, the increased use of voice searches has changed search intent. This, in turn, has forced marketers to alter their approach. Google is looking for interfaces which provide deeply insightful information on a topic. It scans the inter-linked content grouping on a topic to assess the domain’s command over a subject. Topic clusters are those connected content material based on one subject. The central topic is called the pillar content to which all the other articles are linked. You must select one keyword for your pillar content and choose the rest of them accordingly.

3. Use Google’s Suggest Feature To Discover Keywords:

The best place to do keyword research in 2019 for producing the best results is Google. The search engine will help you understand searcher intent and the kind of phrases people are using. For instance, you are a real estate agent who deals in affordable property. Now type the term “affordable home” in the search bar on Google’s home page. Immediately its suggest feature will throw up a variety of recommendations. You will see suggestions like “affordable homes for sale” or “affordable homes for rent” apart from location-based search ideas. This gives a peek into the mindset of the target audience. It shows the terms they are using while looking for solutions. It will always be sensible to target phrases discovered in this manner.

4. Use Keyword Research Tools To Make Informed Decisions:

The above tip showed how you can find keywords easily. However, in order to make informed decisions, you must use research tools. These solutions provide additional information besides displaying the most relevant terms related to a topic or domain. They show statistics related to search volume, cost-per-click (CPC), keyword difficulty, etc. There are various products like browser extensions or third-party websites which help in researching search terms. You can also use Google’s Keyword Planner. The service aims to help people plan their advertisement campaigns but you can use it to discover new phrases. The primary reason for using this tool is that it uses accurate information generated by Google itself.

5. Base Your Keyword Selection On Key Metrics:

There are four key metrics on which you should base the decision of choosing the phrases. The first is search volume which is the number of people using the term in their searches. Phrases with high volume can bring more traffic. The next is the organic click-through-rate which refers to the number of clicks on a search result. The third is the difficulty which means the competition which you will face while targeting the term. The last is cost-per-click (CPC) which tells whether people for the related solution are spending money or not. Choosing a term with high search volume, organic CTR, and CPC but low difficulty will always be a good option.

6. Integrate Local SEO Practices In The Research:

The increased use of mobile devices and voice searches has made it necessary to optimize your business for local searches. You must include local SEO practices in the research process. This will help in uncovering the terms used in local searches. You must also include these terms in your topic cluster strategy by ensuring that they are inserted in the content.


These tips will come in handy while making a strategy for keyword research in 2019. The suggestions will help website owners and marketers discover the most appropriate terms that will generate the best results for their interface.

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