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The Best Social Media Platforms for Social Media Marketing in 2018

In the coming year if you want to boost your business then you have to make a perfect marketing strategy. You can make huge audience via social networking sites but the question is which social network is best to advertise your products. It depends on the type of business that what kind of audience you want to target what are your goals and some other related factors?

In this article, you will get a guide for choosing a social media network for your business.



Instagram is a very popular channel and it is one of the best social networks where you can advertise your products. For 2018, if businesses choose it for social media marketing then it will be the best choice. Instagram users are continuously increasing specially after the option to buy real Instagram views has come up and have around 700 million this digit is not accurate it can be more than this. You can watch videos or posts from your relatives, friends etc. According to the survey on Instagram 50% people follows brands.



YouTube is the second leading search engine around the globe. Numerous people visit it daily and spend billions of hours on YouTube by watching videos. Due to which many views are generated on good videos. It is an excellent channel and the best approach to social media marketing and also a big source of engaging users specially if you buy youtube subscribers.




LinkedIn is a professional site where you can build many connects, where an employee can directly connect with an employer. It is the Best Technology for professionals. You can get various opportunities here. If you choose this social media platform then you can get market updates daily. It is best for recruitment and many job opportunities are available on this platform. Users can also get the updates about the job. At this platform, many companies post different case studies and such case studies and white paper are the major content of this platform.



Twitter has around 328 million users and via this channel, you can advertise your company or its products efficiently.  It is suggested that for 2018, it will be the best option for social media marketing. Numerous people including influencers, celebrities, and political candidates used this platform for their purposes. In the US, people use Twitter for latest news and updates on various topics. It is the best channel for promoting and sharing brand updates. It is the best part of online conversations that surround your relevant industry.

Around 25% females and 24% males use twitter. It is the best way for the brands to target both male and female consumers. a huge audience is available on this platform.  A young audience is present on Twitter, around 36% of the audience is between the age of 18-29. It will be very valuable for brands to advertise their products here.


In 2010, the Pinterest was launched and has about 175 million users.  Those brands which have excellent images Pinterest offers them a great opportunity. A catalog is made here for different ideas and that’s why it easily inspires the user.


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