How email marketing

How email marketing is helpful for app development companies?

It is important for all types of organizations to make use of the most appropriate strategy to promote their brand of business and to beat competition. Any email which is sent to a potential customer for doing business is termed as email marketing. It is rather considered to be an action taken by the business to send emails to existing clients and potential customers for commerce sake.

Types of email marketing:

Basically, they are of two types:

  • Transactional emails:

It is business emails which are triggered because of previous contact made between the business and the clients. Such emails generally are the result of any previous action taken by customers in the business. It is meant to improve relationship between businesses and customers. They can be in email form appreciating the customer for any purchase made, to conform to an order, sales receipt or password reset. They also offer abundant of information pertaining to the created action. It is also used for further sales generation, since they have promotional messages associated with other products.

  • Direct emails:

These are not customer preempted actions. Rather, they are sent purely for the purpose of promotional purposes. Customers who have subscribed to the mailing list are sent such mails or those having made any previous purchase. At times, email list is rented or purchased and people in the list are sent promotional messages. But it is an email marketing form that may cause annoyance among the recipients and is considered as bad business practice and spamming. It may destroy the brand name.

It can be safely said that email marketing is undoubtedly an effective marketing campaign that can be used by every organization to promote its business.

Top reasons for email marketing being effective for app development companies:

email marketing being effective for app development companies

1. Affordable:

It is undoubtedly an affordable marketing option that can be used by app development companies. Spending just few bucks helps the entrepreneur to get huge returns. Customers can be sent free emails. The app development firm also can purchase emailing software to track sent emails and monitor its effectiveness or simply subscribe to one. For app developers, email marketing has proved to be quite affordable when compared to other forms of marketing channels.

2. Easy targeting:

Mobile app development firms using email marketing are able to send across emails to customers subscribing to their email promotional campaign, like to iOS and Android users only. An appropriate email marketing method is to send across emails to subscribers. Email lists should not be rented out or purchased. This scenario will only increase chances of the potential customer taking a positive action or opting for sale. Targeting customers is not much precise with other forms of marketing channels such as magazine, radio and television.

3. Easy to track:

Emails can be tracked & monitored easily using special email marketing software. The app development company by using this software can get to know the number of emails opened up by the customers including the links clicked. The organization thereby is allowed to introduce immediate necessary changes if emails are not effectively performing as desired. It is something that is missing in other marketing campaigns.

4. Easy to segment:

Besides allowing targeting of specific customers, email marketing also allows the app development firm to classify them further into specific segments. Thus, it increases likelihood of sales, helps saves cost, since mails are sent only to potential customers. For example, if a new app is development targeting women’s ovulation cycle, emails can be sent to only women. In case, the offer is area specific, then emails can be restricted to women living in this region. However, accurate information is required to enjoy success in such campaigns.

5. Easy to share:

Social media sharing options are often incorporated into the emails by most email software firms. It provides customers with the capability to share such offers with their family, followers and friends, who could possibly be interested in the same. In turn, a multiplier effect is generated and can help to improve sales tremendously. Other marketing channels, in comparison do not offer this kind of sharing facility like that of email marketing campaigns.

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6. Wide Reach:

Through email marketing campaigns, businesses are now able to reach out to potential customers located in all corners of the globe. Hence, it is considered to be among the widest reach when media marketing is concerned, just next to social media.

7. Easy to create:

It is undoubtedly a wonderful and affordable option readily available to be implemented, whenever desired. At the same time, no technical expertise or knowledge will be necessary, as emails can be created in minutes. Most email software provides drag & drop features. Even though logos, images and videos are offered with direct or transactional emails, its effectiveness is not determined. It is the email’s content that matters a lot! It is possible to tap the customers’ psychology to motivate them to take positive action only with a well written email.

8. To sustain relevance:

With increasing competition at a fast pace in the virtual world, irrespective of the type of service or product that is offered by the business, it is sure to get lost in the crowd. This is because, the competitors also will be using similar tactics. In this scenario, it becomes imperative to hold the customers’ attention to the business sustenance. Therefore, email marketing using newsletters will allow the app development firm to be fresh in the customer’s minds and ensure that they recollect it when required.

9. Greater ROI:

This is undoubtedly one of the major benefits derived from email marketing campaigns. Advertisement costs are often huge and require organizations to spend millions to promote their products and services through conventional marketing forms like television, newspapers, magazines, hoarding, etc. For small startups having fewer funds, it can be quite challenging. Hence, email marketing is a wonderful alternative for both large and small businesses. Better ROI can be expected with small investments on worthy and reliable emailing software.

10. Ease of purchase:

A well crafted email marketing campaign can compel customers to download apps on their smartphones. Links can be provided with the email, directly leading to order and checkout page. This automatically increases sales.

Taking into consideration the above factors will help to understand that email marketing campaigns are affordable and viable promotional options for small and big app development firms.

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