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Do’s and Don’ts during App Store Optimization

Shelling out all your time and money to create an application successfully is not the only need nowadays. There are much more things which are demanded to achieve the spot in today’s market. Although an application is planned neatly and implemented without any flaws, there are chances for the application to fail. This is primarily due to the lack of marketing the application. In order to survive the heavy competition prevailing around in the market, it is necessary to make some extraordinary things.

ASO and Its Parts:

One of the main aspects to be considered while launching the application is the reach. Achieving a high number of users is a secondary thing before it people must know about the existence of the application. To create that mark App Store Optimization (ASO) is a principal key. By optimizing the result of your application search you can increase the number of viewers of your application and make it more visible one.

There are thousands of applications available in the play store and Apple store. Fighting all those applications and being discoverable at the top of the chart is a huge challenge. Once your app becomes visible at the top there are high possibilities that the user will install it. Now, you would have understood the importance of App Store Optimization. There are three distinct parts in the ASO. They are finding the most appropriate keywords that the user uses, providing a high rank for those keywords and finally the desirable part of converting the visitor into a user.

Important Note to Be Considered:

But one must be very careful at the second part of the ASO. Finding the appropriate keyword could be an easy task. But in excess of desire to get a high number of downloads, some people may stuff excess of keywords; which is called as keyword stuffing. Sometimes, this technique could backfire. If App store finds the keywords stuffed it might ban your application which will create a dilemma among the users. Hence make sure you put in a limited number of keywords.

Metadata can be another important point that you must consider to improve the ranking. It includes using icons, screenshots, update text, description and lot more found in the store. Filling in all the metadata available will boost your ranking to large scale. Let us explore more on the things that must be done and to be avoided to top the table.

Stay Focused at Your Target:

This is the first step that you must consider before launching the application. Make in-depth research on the audience who are more likely to install your applications. Consider the traits of such customers and mark them as your direct target. Points like is the app going to be a paid one or free, consumer’s common language, reasons to download must be analyzed.

  • Things To Do:

When you find your ideal group of audience, plan a perfect ASO strategy. You must think like a customer and put forth the related keywords. Keep an eye over the keywords used by your competitors and research more on costumer.

  • Things Not To Do:

Never follow blindly what your competitor does. Masking something unique is the thing that will show you away from the crowd.

Make Wise Naming:

Although the thing seems to be so small, the name is the important factor that decides the fate of your app. You must be clear and wise while choosing the name for your app. It is the first thing that the customer sees along with the icon. Hence, make it more relevant.

  • Things To Do:

Make sure that you use the keyword in the title at least once. Along with keyword also add up your brand name. This will be useful in your further app releases.

  • Things Not To Do:

Never utilize the complete 255 characters to create the name. Lessen it to 25 characters making it crisp and cool.

Create Clear Description:

While filling in the description box make sure you use all the metadata options available in the store. Make it more attractive with enhanced readability. Make text clear and concise.

  • Things To Do:

The complete process of the app must be available in detail at this box. There must not any query in the viewer’s mind about the app.

  • Things Not To Do:

Using dense paragraphs to give notes in detail will create frustration in the user’s mind. Instead, make things to the point.

Keep Updating Frequently:

Updating the app frequently is one of the key ideas to improve the ranking in the chart. This also shows the viewers that how much you are committed to improving the application.

  • Things To Do:

Make updates on a regular basis; every time you make an update be sure that you rectify the difficulties faced by the user in the previous version of the app.

  • Things Not To Do:

Never miss updating. Developing the app and forgetting it will lead to utter failure.

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