Make Money from Blogging

How to Make Money from Blogging In 2018

As the times are changing, it is important that you get financially independent as soon as possible. Even if you have a full time job, you must save some income for investments. You must take out the time to also generate some side passive income. This is important to your well-being in this current time and age. Blogging is one of the ways to do that. Here is how.

What is blogging?

On the internet, you use Google to find websites. Whether you want to cook yourself a nice meal and need a recipe for it or you want to go off to college in a different country and want details on that, internet has got it covered. Whether you are worried about your exams and need a little help working out on the concepts or you want to learn how to fix cars at home, internet has it all. But where does all the content come from? Surely, people create it out of amusement but it is a proper business today. This is how Google generates its revenue. The same goes for all the websites that rank on search engines and get your attention. Blogging is all about content creation, and you must have to analyze the quality of your work content by using a grammar checker tool.

Blogging is when you have a website and you can write. It means owning a website and regularly publishing content on it. It can be about anything that you have knowledge in. It could be celebrity news or graphics designing tips. You just need a good grasp on your language and you should be able to research well on the topic.

How do websites generate revenue?

When a website shares a blog post, it is an invitation for the readers to open that website. This means that there is constantly traffic coming into the website that is interested in a certain topic. It wants to learn more about certain this. If a website is about cats, the person is interested in learning about cats. This is important indication of how websites are platforms. They are platforms where people collect and share information.

To put these platforms to use, businesses advertise in the spaces surrounding the content of a certain blog post. If a person is reading about weight loss, a business selling weight loss solutions can be advertised beside the content. This is where Google Ads come in. They are a platform by Google that connects businesses and website owners. Both the parties sign up at the Google platform. From there on, the websites get operated for showing ads. The companies are charged with a certain amount and Google takes a certain percentage of that amount. The rest is transferred to the websites. If you want to make money by blogging in 2018, you need to start a website. You need to share content there and make a platform. Then sign up on Google Ads. You can more details on the subject on Google. SEO is another thing to consider. Don’t forget to learn about website hosting and domains. Work on quality content and you should be able to create a blogging career.

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