Instagram Stories Question Stickers

How To Use Instagram Stories Question Stickers For Your Brand

Go beyond the direct inbox message on Instagram! The Questions Sticker is a new feature of Instagram that is the very mutual way to allow your pals submits a question for you to reply. With the advent of this unique feature, you can engage your followers in a diverse way and get more Instagram likes and the following count.

How does it work?

When you go for Instagram stories, you can select the question sticker from the sticker menu. Go on the screen’s bottom and click on the option (Questions?) and write your question’s statement that wants to post.  You can ask open-ended questions or something unusual and interesting such as “I’m a David, a social influencer, ask me anything”!

How can you use Instagram Stories Questions for your brand?

A lot of mega-popular personal brand use this feature to engage the audience and ask interesting questions. But how can you use this feature to engage your own followers? Follow the following ways to engage your audience and let them ask their burning questions.

Table of content:

  • Encourage Feedback using Question Stickers
  • Runa Q&A Session
  • Upsurge the Engagement of Your Instagram Stories
  • Get to Know Your Instagram Followers

Encourage Feedback using Question Stickers:

This feature is quite engaging if you have business to Consumer Company because consumer feedback can improve your services and give you more incentives. Use this question sticker to get the opinion of your followers about your product that will greatly help you with your next product release.

Run a Q&A Session:

Question and answers session is a great way to engage your audience. Publish a post and invite your followers to take part in this Q&A session. Create this post with proper date and time. Run this session within 24 hours of your post and use the Instagram story to advent this session. That way, you can get real-time questions of your followers. It will increase your brand awareness, Instagram likes and engagement.

Upsurge the Engagement of Your Instagram Stories:

The Instagram algorithm is changing every week- means soon you will see a great impact on your Instagram feed due to the engagement of your Instagram stories. Instagram stories have played a great role to bolster the engagement. But with the use of question stickers on stories, you can increase this engagement ratio two times more. Use this feature more than once in a week on your Instagram stories and see the magic.

Get To Know Your Instagram Followers:

This feature will assist you to get to know your followers but keep this conversation with 1:1 ratio.  Engage that user who is more interested and ask question consistently. You might take this conversation to the direct inbox message where you can further engage the user. Subsequently, you can create a post after this session and ask them for advice that will give them an opportunity to discuss what their views about your products or brand are. That way, you get more Instagram followers and likes and other incentives to increase your fan base on Instagram.

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