Keywords & Keyword Density

Keywords and Keyword Density: How Google Treat it

There are many Search Engine Optimization concepts one need to understand before making it in the SEO world. However, some concepts are fundamental and more urgent to be understood than others. The concept of keyword is one of them. It has to be the single most important tactic to be understood whether you are a website owner or a writer.

What is a keyword?

Keyword, as the name indicates, is a word that is apparently key i.e. important. In general, that is how you will define a keyword. However, in SEO terms, a keyword is a word in your blog post. This is a word that is deliberately placed in the post so that your posts ‘speaks the same language’ as your potential website visitor.

Why are keywords important?

Suppose you have a website revolving around cats. Let’s call it Now on this website, you blog about cat lifestyle; how to take care of them, how to accessorize them, how to detect if they have a certain disease and what not. Imagine you write a blog post titled Why Your Cat Won’t Sleep describing how some cats may have trouble sleeping for longer hours. Now while you may have titled this blog post Why Your Cat Won’t Sleep, someone who is interested in gaining this same information may not be able to come up with the same search term. They may search for ‘cat sleeping cycles’. Under such circumstances, Google may not show your article to the visitor due to lack of similarity between the search term and the content on your website. While your message is the same; your choice of words differs. On the other hand, if you had used ‘cat sleeping cycles’ a couple of times in your blog post, Google would have been able to look up your web page for the visitor. Cat sleeping cycles, in this example, will be your keyword. By making use of relevant terms that potential visitors may search on Google and should be able to find your page, you can write targeted articles that will improve your SEO.

What is keyword density?

In simple terms, keyword density is the number of times a keyword appears in your blog post. This is calculated in comparison to the total number of words on your page. There is no given particular number of times you should use a keyword in your blog post. However, it is recommended that the keyword density percentage remains 1- 3%. Google takes into account the keyword density when showing results. Make sure not to overdo the keyword use. Therefore, in order to make sure you have a balanced keyword density, you can use a keyword density checker. A keyword density checker is a tool that you can use to check keyword density in your article. All you need to do is either share the web page link or copy and paste the contents of the blog post on the keyword density checker. The tool will automatically analyze and share with you how many times each repetitive word is used. From there on, with the help of a keyword density checker, you can mold the contents of your blog post.


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