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If you’ve been in the beautiful world of e-commerce for a long time, you know that a satisfied customer is a customer who can convert others by leaving a positive opinion about his experience. Primarily for this reason, but also for so many others, the opinions left by customers on a website or e-commerce play an important role in the success of a company on the web.

Before going into the heart of the matter, let the statistics speak for themselves:

Only 5% of consumers say they do not look at reviews left by other buyers

In 91% of the cases, the consulted opinions were the reason n ° 1 of the passage to the act of purchase.


1. Customer reviews increase visibility:

They are also highlighted through rich snippets. These optimize your presence on the web since they allow you to occupy maximum space on the pages of Google search results. They also make your search result visually more appealing.

2. The customer reviews improve:

Consumers place a lot of importance on outside advice. Queries on products, brand or company related to the keyword “opinion” are more and more commonly typed in Google by Internet users. Of course, the websites and companies with the most positive reviews are at the top of the search results for this type of query.

Not only do customer reviews make a good impression on potential buyers, but they also add value to your business. The majority of Internet users are indeed more sensitive to the recommendations left by their peers than by a corporate speech without feedback.

3. Customer reviews improve SEO:

Like the web pages, each review and comment is reviewed by the Google robot and indexed. And, as any SEO knows, Google wants to offer the best to its users.

Thanks to the information they give Google about the quality of your service and the user experience, reviews have a positive impact on the positioning of your e-commerce site in the SERPs.

4. Customer Reviews Boost Revenue:

When shopping online, the consumer is a suspicious specimen. As word of mouth as word-of-mouth recommendations, online reviews are equivalent to tips that are passed on to users. These reassure and comfort the undecided consumers who hesitate to take the plunge.

Thus, after consulting the opinions left by other buyers, 1 in 4 people decides to finalize their purchase.


Press reviews and specialized journals (travel guide, etc.)

Recently Google publicized the launch of a new range of reviews in its local search results: reviews and professional reviews on local merchants (cafes, restaurants, shops, etc.). This option in the Google map marketing search results is currently available only in English in the US, but should soon arrive in other languages.

Company Opinion

Customer reviews on a company allow you to:

Reassure the user on his choice and the safe sharing of his banking and personal information

Confirm to the user that e-commerce is reliable and meets its commitments.

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