Google trends is so essential for SEO

Why Google trends is so essential for SEO marketing

Google trends, is a great tool to help you find popular and rising keywords for search in your industry. If you are writing blogs, news, looking at social trends or maybe even looking for a market niche. Check out

So let’s get started. The first thing to do is type in a relevant keyword you have in mind for your next article or target market goals. The big blue search bar at the top is where you need to be. Once you have typed this in, press return. A bundle of statistics has now been thrown up before your very eyes.

Interest over time:

The first thing to look at is the Interest over time feature. This will show you, users, searching that particular word over a range of 10 years. You can spot trends and spikes in searches.

Don’t forget to click on the forecast option. This may give you an indication to possible spikes in users searching for that keyword in the future.


Above the graph is a compare function. Let’s say you typed in the word organic seo and now you want to compare those results with marketing SEO. The graph will now show you a comparison over the same 10 year stretch of what word was most popular for users that searched.

This Google tool just saved you hours of market research and analysis. You can add even more multiple search terms you have in mind to seek what will work best for you.

Marketing assumptions:

Remember not to make assumptions on researching your data for keywords to use for your marketing strategy. You can spend a serious amount of time wasting your efforts creating content using the paraphrasing tool online that no one is interested in. Once you have a keyword strategy in place, try and do a little research by searching yourself in the Google search bar. Are there thousands of related websites trying to fight for these search terms? If so, then you need to think about targeting the different keywords you have researched. You can think long term and have a strategy to push on with higher searched keywords.

Regional interest:

If you look further down the trends page, your next graph is called Regional interest. If you have a company selling products or maybe you have a magazine or blog online? This will give you a good indication where your readers are located around the world for a particular search term being sought after. You might be wondering what the numbers mean on the right-hand side of the graph. These show you how strong the results are for each region or city. If you see 100 next to city or country, the search term is very high.

Related Searches:

The related searches function is a very powerful tool when comparing topics and queries regarding a particular search. You can really put together some great ideas for content that should be found with regards to your marketing strategy. Don’t forget to use the little tab button called ‘rising’. This guide by seo magnifier give you an idea of new and upcoming search terms with regards to what’s going on in the World with different media channels.

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