On-Page SEO Practices For Newbie

On page SEO is the technique of optimizing personal web pages in order to get higher rank in search engines. On page optimization belongs both HTML source code and content of a page which would be optimized. Opposite of on-page SEO refers the back linking and others internal signals which is called off-page SEO. On-page SEO is not a stagnant SEO technique, so you need to keep update to maintain latest practices.

What should I do?

On page SEO belongs all the internal element of your web-page, so, you need to focus on you page to make it more Search Engines friendly. You should insight to your page whether any errors existing into page or not. Below, I have covered many fundamental aspects that is very important to make SEO friendly content.

Page Titles

Page title of content plays a crucial role of SEO strategies. Both content and title should be unique and appropriate and title should contain the main keyword of the article. The more attractive title get the more clicks which is your desired. The more clicks help you to reach the higher in SERP.

But, keep in mind that it would be hampers if you use the keyword in title many times. Title should contain the main views of article that means title should be consistence with content.  It is also recommended that length of title should be maximum 70 characters and Google typically displays 50 to 60 characters of a title. So, try to write a looking cool title to make it SEO friendly.

Meta description

Meta description also plays a crucial role of SEO strategies. It display on search engine result page after page titles describing the gist of content. So, attractive Meta description helps you to get high quality traffic from Search Engine. Some important things those have to keep in mind are: Meta description should be within 160 characters and be consistence with your content. Potential visitors will comes basis on you Meta description so Meta description should contain at least one keyword.

Meta tags

Meta tags always remain hides from visitors. Visitor can’t visit Meta tags but it is very important to use when you publish articles because search engines read Meta tags to know what about your content. Audiences search on search engine using keywords, so, if your Meta tags are consistence well, you can’t get many click. You should focus on Meta tags.

URL structure

URL structure is one important part of the on-page SEO. You should use search engine friendly URL structure for providing the best crawling experience of users. You can use target keyword in URL to optimize better and always try to use shorten URL because it makes brand recalling easy. You can’t use special characters within URL, only alphabets and characters. URL should be unique for each page of website.

Keywords density

You have to use relevant keyword in content but using too many keywords are make penalty for keywords density and you site may be a spammer to search engines. So, try to avoid using more keywords in content. Better format of using keywords includes first paragraph as well as last paragraph or conclusion. You can also highlight, underline and put the keywords in italic text to make then stand out.

Images SEO

You can grab the visitor attention using consistence images to present content. Visual appearance of content is images that grab audience attention but most of the search engine can’t read images without alt-tag and description. To optimize image SEO you have to use alt-tag and description to make it familiar to search engines; like Goolge, yahoo, Bing ete. Large images make a website slow to down load that is why you should use efficient well regulation images.

Internal Linking

Internal linking refers all the link of content those links make connection with others pages within website but not out of the website. Internal linking give direct traffic of others a page of website and search engines find your content as useful piece of information. So, it is very good practice to make internal linking to improve website rank. You should use anchor text to create internal link.

Heading Tags

Heading tags is also one of the most important parts of SEO strategies. There are six type of head tag and those are used in content subsequently when necessary. Content get priority to search engine and visitors, if it is relevantly breaking by Heading and subheading, because it make easy to understand to search engine and readers. Try to use title of content under H1, main heading of content under H2 and subsequently.

Number of words

Numbers of word should not be less than 600, if so, content seem to be less informative. So, try to use more than 600 words in the article. And, article should be well researched and informative for the readers and place the relevant keyword in right place.

Quality Content

Content is still the king of world. So, to achieve the desired target on search engine you should have a unique and informative content. If your content is informative to readers, they would not bounce off from you site that help you to get higher position on SERP.

I think, all the On-page SEO tips and tricks are very helpful to you. So, try to utilize all of above tips and tricks to improve your site position.

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