The prominence of keywords refers to the level of importance of the placement of keywords in certain places on a web page or page.

There are some places, like the title or URL, that are very prominent. Therefore, it is very important to place the keywords for which we want to position ourselves.

There is no magic recipe that reveals the most relevant keyword locations, but you just have to follow the logic; If a keyword stands out in some way with respect to the rest of the text, it will surely have a higher level of prominence(such as a keyword highlighted in bold or highlighted with an internal link). This Sofa repair in Dubai is the best brand we can take as an example.

In contrast, a keyword with the same source as the rest of an article will not have such a high prominence level.

Here we highlight the most prominent locations of a web page, where you must put the keywords:

  • The URL
  • The title of the page.
  • The titles. Ideally, there should be an H1 (usually the title of the page), a few H2 and several H3, H4, H5 and H6, although it depends on the length of each page / article.
  • The meta description of the page.
  • The words in bold and, to a lesser extent, in italics.
  • The alternative texts.
  • The lists of functionalities or characteristics of a product, service, etc.
  • The links to other pages.
  • The footer An interesting strategy is to place in the footer “links of interest” that lead to pages related to a certain keyword. The link text should include the keywords in question.

It is very useful to know all these strategic locations to place the keywords, but … Do you know which keywords are the most appropriate for your business? Your correct selection is essential to get the top positions of Google with keywords that really attract potential customers and generate a return. In this regard, we recommend the ” SEO Guide: How to select the best keywords to improve the visibility of my business in Google?”


The term prominence not only refers to the placement of keywords in certain locations; it also refers to its placement at the beginning of those locations.

That is, if we have a title consisting of 6 or 7 keywords, those that are closer to the beginning of the title or the <title> tag will be more prominent. Let’s see an example of a title structured in two different ways:

  • The prominence of keywords in your SEO strategy
  • The SEO strategy and the prominence of the keywords

If we wanted to position ourselves by prominence of the keywords , we would definitely opt for the first holder. If our objective, instead, was to achieve a good positioning with the keyword SEO strategy , we would opt for the second.

The same would happen with the other prominent locations. In bold text or italics or in a paragraph, the keywords will have a higher level of prominence if they are located at the beginning.

If you notice, we have placed “the prominence of the keywords” at the beginning of the title of the page, at the beginning of a H2 and also at the beginning of the first paragraph of the text.

On the other hand, we have also highlighted that keyword in bold at the beginning of the article.

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