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How to Add Rich Snippets in WordPress with Schema.Org

Do you see websites with sensational eye-magnets? Well, these sites haven’t actually exploited Google loophole. In fact, the websites are using a very authentic method referred to as schema markup for generating rich snippets. So if you secretly wish to make your content show up in the similar attractive manner, add rich snippets.

Here’s how you can add snippets to your WordPress site:

Understanding Schema and Rich Snippets:

The two are closely related yet own slight differences. Fundamentally, structured data markup (Google refers it) or schema markup is actually private code that facilitates search engines to comprehend the structure and context of your website content. This kind of markup style is properly maintained at The site is sponsored by Yandex, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Schema markup can keep you informed about search engines offering a specific number which serves as 5-star review rating and another number that serves as USD price of an item.

Search engines rely on these contextual clues while parsing content. Hence, whenever Google crawls your website marked up with schema, this data can be used by search engines for creating rich snippets seen by humans in the search results.

The rich snippets depend on your content. For instance, star ratings will be included for reviews; prices and availability are included for eCommerce products etc.

Schema and Rich Snippets – The Benefits:

These are attention-grabbing and the impact of integrating schema/structured data markup has helped people observed up to 30 per cent increase in organic CTR post successful implementation of schema markup.

These are more than just CTR, either. Rich snippets produced from schema markup can support searchers comprehend your content via adding breadcrumbs.

The business listing details should be correct. It is mainly important for local SEO. Schema markup is smart and helps search engines parse your content. All major search engines including Google have been recommending for its adoption. The trend is here to stay.

Adding Schema Markup to WordPress Using WP Review Pro Plugin:

The premium plugin is a product of MyThemeShop that will let you add schema markup. Most freelance web programmers prefer this for adding stylish review boxes replete with attractive CTAs. With this plugin, you can exercise full control over the schema type over what you are reviewing. Additionally, you can customize criteria used for rating your products.

Configuring WP Review Pro:

As soon as you install and activate WP Review Pro, it is time to configure settings of the plugins. Thereafter, add schema markup in the WordPress Editor (regular).

WP Review Pro Settings:

For configuration, go to Settings → WP Review Pro. Configure some fundamental details on General tab about third-party reviews from your users. You may ignore the step, if you don’t want your visitors to rate products.

You may choose WP Review for the Comments Template for rating. Other things can be configured as per the functionality you desire:

WP Review Pro Styling:

The Styling tab will allow you to configure varied colors for your review box. The width can also be varied. It is actually the content area of post and not the website width. The colors are easy to understand. Hence, if the width is 50 per cent, the review box will take up 50 per cent of the entire post area. If the width goes less than 100 per cent, you may choose left or right alignment for it.

WP Review Pro Defaults:

You can customize defaults settings on per-post basis. The options will help you save a lot time. Configuring defaults to save time will let most of your reviews display review box at the top of content, get info about products, integrate a feature referred to as “Ease of Use”, and attract comment ratings.

Add Schema Markup:

In order to start attracting rich snippets, you need to add schema markup to a post. Go to create or edit a post. A new Review meta box will appear under the WordPress Editor. You need to change drop down from ‘No Review’ to ‘Star’. The action will give several new options. Choose your Reviewed Item Schema. A ‘ole list of schema markup types will appear once you click on drop down. Depending on your choice of the ‘types’, other options will also change.

Make sure you fill in enough schema data for Google to acquire what it aspires for to be able to get a specific rich snippet.

You can give actual rating to review item within Review Item box. You may either give one number or categorize review by specific features.

Display reviewed item schema data check box will display relevant schema data for to-be reviewed item once you check it. Hence, if you add schema markup for time taken to bake a cake, WP Review Pro will display the same on front-end. You may add a link to item you review under that within Review Links box.

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