SEO Interview Questions and Answers

Top 10 SEO Interview Questions and Answers for beginners

Now a day, SEO is the ultimate buzzword for webmasters to improve websites on SERP. To achieve heavy traffic from content marketing for any website or blog and to be success of social media campaign, SEO is the key to success. With the highly evolving history, SEO has achieved it on vocabulary and language, so, SEO has its own world.

It is not easy to explain entire SEO functionality because it is going to increase areas itself. And demand of SEO experts also is going to increase. So, you can achieve a lucrative career in SEO field, if you gather knowledge and know how to utilize the SEO mechanisms on real fields.

Are you interested to know more about SEO? So, you are now at right place to gather knowledge with SEO expert Manoar Molla who has explained many questions and answers which are frequently ask by interviewers.

1. What is SEO and Important?

Ans:  SEO is stand for Search Engine Optimization which denotes all the activity by those webmasters achieves the ranking on SERP of their websites, contents, products or services. And this result is unpaid or free or organic result.

It is very important to do SEO for a website due get higher ranking on SERP. And without proper SEO, it is not possible to get higher organic traffic. We all see that users always pay more heed on first five search result of SERP. So, to get visitors from Search Engines for selling products, services or content marketing or your blog, you have to do SEO in proper manners. So, SEO is very important for all companies or individual person to be appearance on online.

2. What is Search Engine?  

Ans: It is a web based software system which developed to find and indicate the consistence information on World Wide Web. And it is used to get relevant information through over the world by queries. And here queries words are called keywords.

3. Name of a few Search Engines?

Ans:  There are a lot of search engine across the world but popular of them are Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Baidu,,, DuckDuckGo etc.

4. What is domain extension?

Ans: Domain extension is a notation of web address which we see at the end of web address. Domain extension is use to identify what kind of domain it is – universal domain, country based domain or niche based domain. Example: .com, .org, net are universal domain and target is across the world, .in, .bd is country based domain like India and Bangladesh, .app extension is used to target app market and so on.

5. What is Website?

Ans: A website is a central location of collected webpages which are access able over the internet which is specifically identified with the domain name or web address. If you want to reach out on a web site you have to specific domain name of that site. Example: if you type on the top of your browser, you would be reached out on home page of website.

6. What is Web Server?  

Ans: Web server is a computer program which has IP addresses and Domain names and it display web pages to the user computers when requested. Web servers accept and run requests via HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). When we send request over web browsers, it go to servers and provide response as user requisition.

7. What is Web Hosting?

Ans: Web hosting is a service providing server space where you can park websites on internet. Main roles of hosting are to make viewable a websites to others via network. There are many webhosting available through over internet like, godaddy, bluehosh etc.

8. What is crawling?

Ans: When Search Engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing visit a website for tracking purposes, this processing strategy called Search Engine Crawling. In SEO sense, crawling is the processes by which search engines follow all the link of a website for better look into website. And search engines complete this process by its programming tool is called search engine bots.

9. What is Search Engines Indexing?

Ans: After crawling process getting over, indexing has done. So, indexing mean to add your webpages into search engines search. Search engines use crawling to gather pages relevancy to the search queries and index that includes search terms, specific words and locations.

10. What is SERP?

Ans: SERP stand for Search Engine Result Page. When we search on search engines by specify queries, Search Engines display a page as users requisition is called SERP. Search Engine not display only organic result, it might contain advertisements.

I hope all the questions and answers are very useful for the persons who are going to interviews at the field of SEO. Keep in mind that all above questions are frequently asked by interviewers. Read and revise more and more to get ready for interviews.

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