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Quality Blogs List That Accept Guest Posting

I have published this this article after research whether those blog accepting guest posting or not and here I have collected all the high quality blog. Also you can see here some new and specially blog with high quality engagement. I promise that I will keep it updated all time so you can book mark this page for later using.

Here we are going to discuss a lot about the guest posting and its benefits. We all know that especially in 2016, when back linking techniques and article marketing are failing after Google penguin updates, to get backlink we use one of the best back linking technique which is Guest Posting. You have a lot of benefits having back link via guest posting because of higher authorities and those link will help you to boost rank and domain authority.

Guest Posting Blog list

I have share a list of blogs below which are accepting guest posting and most of them are high quality blog. And those sites are accepting only high quality posting. So, if you are interested to post on those blog to get back link and promote your sites, just read carefully the guest posting guide lines of those blogs. If you are new of SEONewbieHub, we are also accepting guest posting on this blog but related to specific niche like blogging, SEO, Social media, online marketing and so more. To be more familiar about guest posting niche and our term and condition read carefully our guest posting guidelines.

Those sites I have shared here all accepting guest posting but topic related to blogging or related topics of blog niche. To get published your article on those blog, you need to come with masterpiece. So, acceptance rate is very rare because it take time to verify your article before published. So, I would recommend you for checking the guidelines of guest posting of those blog according to your requirement.


  1. Daily Blog Tips                             Guest Posting Guidelines   
  2. Content Marketing Institue     Guest Posting guidelines   
  3. HellBound Bloggers                  Guest Posting Guidelines   
  4.                       Guest Posting Guidelines 
  5. HubSpot                                        Guest Posting Guidelines    
  6. The Sits girls                                 Guest Posting Guidelines   
  7. Kissmetrics                                   Guest Posting Guidelines   
  8. Outbrain                                        Guest Posting Guidelines    
  9. The Huffington Post                 Guest Posting Guidelines    
  10. YourStory                                     Guest Posting Guidelines  
  11. Smashing Magazine                  Guest Posting Guidelines  
  12. ShoutMeLoud                             Guest Posting Guidelines   
  13. Inc42                                              Contact     
  14. Inspiration2Feed                       Guest Posting Guidelines   
  15. ShoutMeTech                              Contact 
  16. Marketing Profs                         Write for Us   
  17. iAmWire                                       Guest Posting Guidelines   
  18. Small Biz Trends                       Guest Posting Guidelines
  19. TechWyse                                     Write for Us   
  20. Readwrite                                    Contact  
  21. Social Media Examiner          write for Us   
  22. Moz Blog                                      Guest Posting Guidelines 
  23. Social Media Today                 Guest Posting Guidelines   
  24. Onextrapixel                              Write for Us  
  25. Social Media Today                 Guest Posting Guidelines    
  26.                  Write for Us 
  27. Webanddesigners                   Write for Us   
  28. Skyje                                             Write for Us    
  29. Business 2 Community          Contributor Guidelines
  30. Famous Bloggers                      Guest Posting Guidelines 
  31. Daily SEO Blog                          Write for Us
  32. Search Engine People            Guest Posting Guidelines 
  33. Local SEO Checklist                Write Us
  34. Matthew Woodward               Write for Us
  35. Smart Bloggerz                          Write for Us
  36. Monitor Backlinks                    Write for Us
  37. SEO Nick                                        Guest Posting Guidelines    
  38. Bloggers Required                     Write Us
  39. SEO Hacker                                   Guest Post
  40. AgencyAnalytics                          Write for Us
  41. Tech Maish                                     Write for Us
  42. Linkody                                            Write for Us
  43. Grow Map                                       Guest Posting Guidelines 
  44. Blog Godown                                 Write for Us 
  45. SEO Techy World                        Write for Us
  46. Intense Blog                                  Write for Us
  47. Agents Of Change                       Guest Posting Guidelines    
  48. Pole Position Marketing         Write for Us 
  49. Marriage                                     Guest Post 

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