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Top 10 SEO Tools that Newcomers Should Use

SEO is no more a hidden secret, as it has shown many business owners the flare of its intrinsic success it gives to the marketing. As it is the major technique any web marketer should look for to rank their business on top pages of the Google.

But those who are new to this technology and doesn’t know much about it, often finds difficult to use its strategies to get right effective results. So they are rightly recommended to use prominent SEO tools to get their work done quick and fast. Hence below is the compilation of those top 10 SEO tools which a new comer should use, as these tools could give them the ease to understand the basic metrics of SEO and can help them out in gaining top competitive results.

SEO Moz:

moz seo tools

SEO Moz is probably termed as the top search engine optimization software by many tech gurus and market influencers. As it comprises with complete set of tools which are essential for beginners to learn the basic generics of SEO and master its strategies.

The software is backed by the largest community of SEO marketers because of its prolific and up to the mark optimization results and therefore has been termed as the top most system to work with gaining competitive ranking.

GT Metrix:

GT Metrix

GT Metrix is also highly recommended by the top SEO influencers, and is been uniquely rated as an intrinsic free tool to get riveting knowledge about your website speed, on-page metrics, back-linking dynamics and others. Using these traits, GT Metrix generates scores for your pages and makes it easy for you to analyze what is going wrong in its optimization.

SEO Site Checkup:

SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup offers lot of tools to fresh SEO beginners and makes it really adequate for them to learn diverse dynamics of SEO with it. The website has been comprised with lot of small tools that could be used to execute small tasks related to the SEO optimization of the site, and hence provides a unique stagnant way to make your know filter out the false imputations in your website.

SEO Web Page Analyzer:

SEO Web Page Analyzer

Unlike other optimization softwares, SEO Web Page Analyzer is a sort of classical evaluation web page system which shows complete assessment of your website in a detailed defined manner. From Meta tags to canonical issues, all problems and their profound solutions are stated in the system.

That is why the software is highly rated by the professional SEO community because it shows vast optimization information about your website, giving you the ease to make its search engine metrics right.

Similar Web:

SEO Web Page Analyzer

Similar Web is a highly trusted and insightful market intelligence system made especially for the new comers in the SEO field, to provide them the complete knowledge of the insights of the SEO dynamics operative in the site. The tool is well known for providing complete data information about your traffic outcast and gives fine information about your competitor’s complete back-linking base.

That is why the software is fully endorsed by the SEO professionals in the market, as it gives complete statistics about the competitor’s traffic generations base and makes easy for you to track those linking locations.

AdWords Keyword Planner:

AdWords Keyword Planner

Google AdWords might not look as the complete software for SEO optimization, but has an elusive Keyword planner integrated in it which is regarded as the best platform to search out top keywords roaming around in the market.

Because of being associated with Google, the platform gives right keywords suggestions that are being highly functional in the search engine rankings. That is why many have termed the software as a best place to search out relevant keywords for top rankings position.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is widely regarded as a best software to track the whole analytics of your website. Because from page ranks to keywords on-going optimization, Google analytics is highly recommended by many individuals to use and get benefited with its intrinsic functioning tools.

The software basically tracks sites according to its whole present metrics and gives extensive information about its search metrics. The unique reporting capability of Google analytics including of the smartphones trafficking makes it highly exquisite to take into account if you are really willing to learn SEO professionally.



Well if you want to track your keywords positioning rightly and want to track and monitor the traffic load that is coming towards your webpage, Serplab is probably the best choice for all your SEO quests.

As the software is rightly made in a very sufficient and easy manner to understand and thus is fully recommended for all the new comers in the SEO to get fully accustomed with it.

Google Webmaster:

Google Webmaster

Though Google has introduced many site monitoring tools in recent past years, but Webmaster is probably the best among the lot. Because it is such a complete monitoring system that lets you know each and every hidden dynamics of your website. From robots.txt errors to sitemap issues, Webmaster traces it all and gives back regular update about the website’s monitoring.

While the most unique part of the Google Webmaster’s entrancing functionality is that it allows you to set your own traffic monitoring preference according to preferred metrics, which could be according to time and date or something else. Webmaster gives you ease to setup your monitoring conditions in a very seamless manner.

SEO Quake:

SEO Quake

SEO Quake is a free browser plugin that gets integrated with any browser and gives defined and accurate search metrics of the web pages visited in it. It is very easy to install and assimilate with your browser as it gives you perfect solutions for your search metrics and is surely the best tool for fresh faces to look into SEO functionalities.

Newcomers (like Abbraci targeting captain america jacket ) should look up to these top 10 SEO tools Whereas the perfect audit reporting of your website and confined with link examination that makes every strategy a very handy tool to have in your learning stack if you are curious about the market competitive SEO techniques.

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