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The Data Highlighter: What is Data highlighter and how is help structured data of website?

Data High Lighter is another google webmaster tool which tell google about the pattern of data on you site and it is use to tag the data fields on a website with a mouse. Then, this data provides additional in Search Engine Result Page.

If you have data structure in your website, it will provide more information about your website like business location, opening hour, telephone number, reviews etc. but you are not going to appear higher in search result page. So, data structure is not ranking factor for your website but it is importance to have data structure on your site. Because it having more information on Search Engine Result page helps user and your site get more click from SERP as site appear more information.

Help of Data highlighter with Structure Data

Googe Search Console includes an alternative to append this mark up in a very easy and intuitive way, when you simple need to add the structured data park up in the HTML tag.

To open data high lighter, you have to open Google Search Console, then select your property, after that under search appearance you can see Data Highlighter.

Although it is very helpful but data highlighter is only readable by Google. And this data highlighter supports only the following type of data…

  1. Articles
  2. Events
  3. Local Businesses
  4. Restaurants
  5. Products
  6. Software applications
  7. Movies
  8. TV Episodes
  9. Books

Use of Data Highlighter

To start Data highliter, just click on Search Appearance then you will see Data Highlighter. Click on the text link then you can see start highlighter and now you can see input box here type your URL and type of information. You can select to tag just one page or a branch of pages.

On the right site of the screen you can see the page and all the items which you are going to highlight.

To highlight a specific items to mark, you have to do only thing is for example, if you want to select visibility offices address, you have to just click on address.

You have access to delete, edit and highlight different data any time you intended. After complete your setting just click on publish to get approved your changes. If you are in confusion, you can click on Unfinished and your information will be saved but would not be live for Google.

To know more about all kind of data visit on SERP just click below Google Search Console help

How to Tag a Set of Pages with Data Highlighter

you need not to manually each pages of you website. If you have a website having a set of similar page, you have option to create “Tag this page and others like it”.

First of all you have to choose the data on your first page, then you will get option to page set.

Then you will be asked to tag some dummy page to help better understand the tag distribution.

Then you have option to review some of the pages created by the tool. And now if you approve them, it will be applied to them. There is nothing to be worried, if you get lost as the tool would take through the entire process.

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