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How To Generate Web Traffic Except SEO

So, you have started an online service business in Hyderabad. To cater to the need for customers, you have, with care, designed a dynamic and trendy website, that can easily initiate the customers to a call-of-action. Now, in the mail, you get various requests from digital marketing experts, seo experts stating that they will enhance the numbers of customers for your online business. But you maintain a dignified silence. You want to know if it is possible to generate web traffic without seo and digital marketing. You searched on the internet, and have come to this page. Lucky you are! Now shall we help you gain information?

It is very well-known that SEO can generate numerous traffic to your website and generate conversions. Yes. Agreed. Period. However, the method of SEO should not be the only method to drive traffic as well increase results. In case of a similar situation, if the source of the primary traffic ceases, then you tend to lose your online presence. Your website will be online, but only as a representative.

Shall we look at the basics one by one?

Please note, you may have multiple traffic coming to your website. But not all of them are equal. Agreed, your website has good traffic, but unless the profits are taken, it is pure metrics. In other words, you need to focus on good Return on Investment (ROI). You may have done a MBA in Finance, but it is a very different point of driving traffic to your website and generating revenue. If you do not understand the logic, you may easily overlook many true facts and lose a large margin of your investment. By looking at the survey conducted on the importance of various searches for ROI, social media amounts to a mere six percent, whereas direct searches account for thirty four percent of value. When divided properly, it was found that organic searches, CPC as well email traffic occupy the most influencing factors.

So, now you arrive at a crucial decision. Do you need to be on social media?

I. Social Media:

twitter. face book share

You have to be. If you go to a party, definitely you will be asked for your Facebook or Instagram account. Not having one? The look on the other person’s face will be like he/she has seen an alien. It is a fact, that the power of social media also depends on your industry and the profile of the audience. Neil Patel has stated in his blog that he made a cool $300K via Instagram in just three months. According to him, if you have a worthy strategy, it is possible to bring the traffic to your website.

1. Facebook Share:

Facebook is one of the top social media platforms in the world. You can promote your website with Facebook. You can create a new Facebook group regarding the blog/website and also post regularly. Be consistent. You can also join other Facebook groups related to your industry. In similar terms, also create a Facebook Page to rake in the traffic.

2. Twitter:

Post Facebook, you can rely on twitter to make real traffic to the blog or website. In the website, make it a habit to link the social media accounts to the blog.

3. YouTube:

It is one of the largest browsing websites by youngsters. You can create a youtube channel and then post videos regarding your blog/website. For every post in the blog, create a video. More click – yes – you can get from Youtube.

4. Google Plus:

Google Plus is considered the best way to drive traffic. A great content, a appealing image or video will drive the traffic to your website.

5. E- books:

Selling of e-books can make your website a traffic hub. You can create a simple e-book with ten to twelve pages. Then, provide water marks of the blog. If the content is good, you can sell on Amazon. More number of sales mean reaching the targeted audience.

II. Online Advertising:

facebook ads

Do you remember the old ads displayed on television, radio and huge billboards? Now the shift has occurred. Online Advertisement is the recent trend. The ads can generate thousands of clicks to the website. With new strategies and taking advantage of social media platform, it is possible to place the right ads in front of people. However, if you want to try this method, ensure you know the ways to generate money from the traffic.

You just need to follow two rules. You need to advertise the product that is needed by the customers. And the second important factor is to create the high quality ads initiating the people to click on them. Want to get better at designing the ads for your product? Then take time and study the ads of your competitors. You can get valuable insights such as demography, geography, interests and age of customers.

III. Guest Blogging:

guest blogging

Many have tried guest blogging to bring traffic to their website. The good news is consistency prevailed. Dependency died a natural death. However, you need to select the proper sites of the same niche before you give guest posts.

Before you start writing the content, know the perfect audience. It will help you to write the perfect content. Able help is always available at hand. The website owner will have posted instructions on writing a article that can be posted in his/her website. You need to just follow the guidelines.

IV. Commenting on Blogs:

commenting on blogs

There is also another smart way of making use of blogs. No, you do not have to write articles. But put comments and generate traffic to your website. Find the websites that post relevant content on your industry sector. Make use of SEMrush. Just by the URL, you can find the main competitors. You can then download the industry blogs that are in relation with your blog. When you post a comment on industry blogs, ensure that you leave a comment worthwhile for discussion. Do not just use words of encouragement such as Awesome article and then put your website link. They will be removed soon.

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You should never ever rely on search engines or SEO to generate traffic to your business website. By this time, have you got acquainted with various tactics to drive traffic to the website? In this article, we have given only a brief discussion about online advertisement, guest posting, social media traffic and blog comments. You use any one of them or all the four of them, you can definitely direct traffic to the website.

Now let us imagine, you have started an online business of providing doorstep repair services for handymen in Hyderabad. So, being in the hospitality industry, you have started offering services for plumbers, electricians and fridge repair in Hyderabad. However, being a new business, you are searching for new ways to advertise your business on the web. You searched and came upon this article. With your doubts and query both solved, now you are ready to make your company have a good presence online. Best of Luck!

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