WordPress SEO Skills To Improve Ranking

7 Effective WordPress SEO Skills To Improve Ranking

The visually expressive, feature-optimized and beautiful website is nothing if it is not meant for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If the user has an urge to be found by people from Google Search.  Then, SEO has to be a priority. The competition between websites is enhanced. It is because of the main aspect that helps in the improvement of SEO friendly platforms, such as WordPress web development .  It is used as a Content Management System (CMS) and creates a remarkable functional website. Search engines, like, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and Google does not keep those website which have less quality content, keyword stuffing and many more.

93% of the user experience is always generated by the search engines. Top results have a 33% chance of getting clicked on google.  One-third of the traffic can be missed if the website ranking is not on Google first page. More surprisingly, 75% of people never get one click on the second page while searching. Responsive efforts should be made to enhance SEO. SEO friendly site has more chances to appear on the first page and it will drive more traffic to the website.

Certain things should be considered to improve the ranking on Google searches. In this article, 7 effective WordPress SEO ways are described to improve the ranking.

1. Permalinks Setting:

Permalinks are the website pages URLs used. WordPress has default permalinks settings that permit to modify as per the requirements. These sings can be navigated from settings→ permalinks.

2. Sitemap Development and Google Analytics:

The website should have hundreds of pages for google indexing. Plug-ins such as Google XML Sitemaps can help in developing a website sitemap. It can assist the search engines to have site indexing. Google Analytics is an analytical tool that keeps track of site traffic.

3. Using SEO optimized themes and Plug-ins:

WordPress has different themes for providing a foundation. The theme that can optimize the search engine should be used. Code and speed are the core factors to have SEO optimized theme.  Plug-ins provide a complete SEO solution for WP. It has numerous SEO plug-ins such as All in One SEO plug-in, Yoast SEO, etc. Plug-ins aim to improve sites’ On-page SEO with  Google Search Result Snippet preview.

4. Media Optimization and Content Sharing:

It is a significant part as it can either enhance or ruin the SEO efforts.  The way by which a user is using tag and name can discover the SEO. Appropriate tagging can help to improve the ranking in image searching. Social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are used by several web users.  Sharing content in social media networks can help in boosting traffic and credibility. Social media platforms can never be taken for granted.

5. Producing HQ Written Content:

The content written in HQ can enhance user engagement. Quality is not related only to the content which is grammatical error free or is free of spelling mistakes. The quality content should be appealing to the audience. It is the most considered SEO way for improving the search engine ranking.

6. Using Correct Heading Tags: 

Accurate usage of heading tags is an essential practice in terms of SEO.  It is an important factor to improve user engagement as well. Heading tags are the ultimate idea to gain the audience attention in a minute. But the question is, which is the best tag to be used. The H1 tag is used for blog post title and it is compulsory to keep the H1 tag informative and clear. After using the H1 tag appropriately, the user will be interested in using the H2 tag for more headings. H3 and H4 tags are used for sub-headings.

7. Hosting:

It is required to use reliable hosting than the rivals using SSD drives. Big hosts such as Bluehost, Hostgator uses old hard drives. Though, there are other hosts, like, FastComent that can be used when it comes to SSD drives.


Different tactics and techniques are also there that can help in improving the ranking. But the skills that are mentioned above are the best to be used on the WordPress website.  It is vital to give the best possible chance to the content to be on the first page and to improve the ranking. While keeping the points in mind, use these tips for user engagement with constant traffic in Google.

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