Google June Core update

Google June Core update – noticed any fluctuations in your website traffic and sales?

Google updates its search algorithm at least twice every day. Mostly no webmaster or SEO expert takes notice of these updates because their impacts are negligible. However, once in a while, Google announces major update releases like the June Core update. These change the topography of the entire web and affect website SEOs variedly.

Have you recently noticed any fluctuations in your website traffic and sales? According to the latest reports, many news, finance, and eCommerce websites have seen a sharp drop in organic traffic. Medical news sites and research news websites have seen an unprecedented rise. These were lingering effects of the June Core update.

How has the alleged July update affected Google users and websites?

Recently, SEO communities began talking about an alleged July update. This Maverick update was neither expected nor similar to any other updates Google has rolled out in the past. This unconfirmed update has caused massive shifts in traffic and ranking between July 11 and July 18, 2019.

The increase in volatility affected news, finance, online communities, forums, and health sites the most. They witnessed significant changes in organic traffic in lesser than one week! Among all the days, July 18 shows the highest fluctuation levels.

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What is the Maverick update?

It has caused an uproar in the SEO community since this update is not similar to any small or significant updates that Google releases. It does not target any particular type of website or search query. The maverick update does not show any preference for one specific type of content. The name draws inspiration from the release of the Top Gun trailer and has little to do with the nature of the update.

While Google refuses to confirm or deny the rollout of an update, the Maverick is exerting its influence on almost all genres of websites. There are no “winners” or “losers” after its release. However, recognized traffic tools like Moz, SEMrush, and RankRanger have recorded changes in their clients’ traffic and rankings.

What changes has the Maverick brought along?

After the unconfirmed updates, several webmasters and SEO experts have seen changes in the Google Search Engine interface, and SERPs.

Additions to the Google image carousel:

According to Barry Schwartz, there were minor additions to the image carousel of the Google search result on mobile devices. At the same time, Google SERPs comes with new icons that include “share” and “pop-out.”

These features are still in beta mode, and not all users from across the globe are seeing them. However, there are talks about Google testing shareable snippets directly from the SERP. It has sparked some serious debates among SEO experts, as well as some light-hearted conversations among SEO community members.

Swipe-to-access AMPs:

Another significant change is the introduction of swipe-to-access accelerated mobile pages (AMP). Now, mobile Google users can access AMPs by merely swiping on them from the Google Image SERP directly.

Introduction of local packs:

The new update may have introduced local packs for products and businesses for all Google users. Hyper-localization has been relevant for Google for years now. This step goes on to show how Google cares about local businesses. It is a glorious opportunity for small and large companies in any city, suburb, or town to place themselves on the map, literally!

“Get a quote” option for local packs:

Additionally, the local knowledge panel now boasts the “Get a Quote” option for the local users. If your potential consumers are interested to know your services and pricing, they don’t have to scour your site anymore. All they have to do is hit the “Get a Quote” button on the local knowledge panel.

Partnership with TrueView:

TrueView for action will soon be available for Google videos. In the next few weeks, Google video partners might partner with TrueView for offering a unique user experience. There is a rumor within the SEO community that the Maverick update might facilitate the partnership. The changes that this update has ushered in will support TrueView for campaigns existing and new.

Changes in Google Shopping UI:

Google Shopping is now offering a more intense user experience by integrating user-generated content (review images). Right now, advertisers working with PowerReviews, Influenster and Yotpo have access to this feature.

Several verified user accounts on Twitter are reporting the surge of more icons and buttons on the Google Search desktop version as well. Looks like, the maverick update has not just targeted mobile search but also considered the desktop search.

What are Google and SEO experts saying about the update?

The alleged update did reverse the effects of the June Core update for specific websites like and However, others like and lost even more traffic and visibility since the broad core update.

Overall, the unconfirmed update to the Google algorithm promises an enhanced user experience for all mobile and desktop users. Mueller has recently said that he has “no news on updates” although the user communities are abuzz with news on the same.

Over the last two weeks, data providers have analyzed humongous volumes of data from their clients and competitor websites to show how this update that “does not exist” has influenced SERPs and web traffic.

The consensus on the Maverick is that it is “weird.” It does not follow the hard set pattern of other Google updates. Comparing it to the older core updates has not yielded much information on its precise nature. Its most exciting feature is the lack of any noticeable or known pattern.

Whether the Maverick was Google’s doing is not still evident, but the impacts are genuine. According to a handful few SEO agencies, it is the lingering effect of the June broad core update. However, its particular deviation from the studied impacts of all board core updates contradicts that theory.

Chasing algorithm updates is not the best idea for website owners and digital marketing teams. However, you need to pay attention to ensure that it does not eat away at your site’s ranking. If you have a working SEO strategy, it is crucial to align it to the new update to ensure healthy traffic and sales throughout the oncoming months.

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